ABC Game Plan


Stop the over complication and confusion by keeping your 2018 game plan simple for your pickup. Focus on the basics. Get these three things sorted and then come back to filling in the daygame details.

Approach – You’re most likely not approaching enough. Push through the anxiety and increase the volume of your cold approaches. 10 per session, three times a week, is normal.

Brain freeze – Have something ready to say after the compliment. Don’t freestyle. Learn one stack and one vibing story for now, that’s enough. These set structures will help you break rapport as well rather than being Mr Nice Guy.

Close – Get used to pulling out your phone for the digits, even when she says she has to go or she has a boyfriend. Yep, it’s uncomfortable but it’s a key part of pickup and sales.

5 thoughts on “ABC Game Plan”

    1. My first book Daygame (2012) and Date Against The Machine (2013) have all my models for daygame, texting and dating which appear in Street Hustle so I wouldn’t buy anything new for now unless you want to see infields (Stealth Seduction).

  1. Hey, TOM, can you help me out with ‘screening girl’s blueprint’. It seems to make the GAME much easier, you know what to say and what your limit is for any particular girl, its like MIND-FU***NG her. So, it would be great if you do a video on ‘screening blueprint’.

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