Pickup Is Punk


A naughty ride

Pickup artists are, by definition, outsiders. They’re rebels against societal norms, naughty boys who upset the apple cart. Drifters, cads, black sheep who don’t play by the rules.

So it always makes me chuckle when I see attempts to sanitise pickup with clean living. That’s like pretending that ACDC got together for self development rather than sex, drugs and rock & roll. Pickup is punk. It’s subversive and raw, not saintly and regulated.

If you’re into daygame and pickup then you’re trying to (or thinking about trying to) seduce hot girls. There’s no need to sugar coat it or water it down with religious doctrine or lofty moralising. Own it. Don’t apologise for it. That in itself is liberating.

I call it Street Hustling as we’re attempting to get these hot girls without conforming to societal rules of romantic dating, status climbing and traditional marriage. That’s why those who do follow the rules become upset with pickup artists for getting a free lunch.

Don’t argue or get defensive. Simply smirk or Agree & Amplify. Yes – I’m a very bad boy. Yes – I’m very naughty indeed. And yes, seducing beautiful women is sinful and shallow. A good spanking is necessary πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Pickup Is Punk”

  1. How many PUAs do youn think the society need? There are lots of guys who want to be a pua but that’s tough.


    1. Society DOESN’T need PUAs, that’s what this post is about. PUAs are the opposite of traditional religious conservative squares haha


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