Black Sheep Bandit

Black Sheep Bandit

Somewhere deep inside Wales there is a man in a van on a mission. He comes and he goes, drifting from place to place on his nomadic quest to lick the lid of life by escaping the herd. Some say he’s a very baaaaaad man. Others call him a dirty baaaaastard. A few think he’s a builder because of the white van and ask him to fix their plumbing.

Hush, can you hear that sound? Not the squeaking of the suspension or the merry moans from within but the sound of a man living bold and free on the road. He’s a hustler, not a rustler. It might be dirty, it might be degenerate, but most of all it’s a declaration of independence for how to unfuck yourself.

The Black Sheep Bandit is coming your way. Lock up your daughters. 2018 is going to be a wild ride 😉

Black Sheep Bandit - Tom Torero Van Life Adventures


8 thoughts on “Black Sheep Bandit”

  1. Tom could you give us a list of great books about hustling ? Not hustling girls or anything about biology but general hustle. For example I’m reading Iceberg Slim’s Pimp and I love it, it’s amazing.

    1. Start with “Mr Nice” by Howard Marks, my favourite hustler of all. Then read “Bringing Down The House” by Ben Mezrich and “The Hustler” by Walter Tevis. That’s enough to get you going 😉

  2. What’s the thinking behind this? Since you’re obviously not dirty or degenerate and have the means and money to live very well as you travel and chase girls. Some sort of self-imposed restriction thing to keep you grounded? Not hating on it at all, just curious. Should make for interesting stories at least

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