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Daygame For 40+ Year Olds - Older Man Pickup

Calling fellow old dirty bastards. In 2018 I want to record many more podcasts and content with guys who are in their 40s and 50s (perhaps even older) and are active seducers.

I’m avoiding any pay-for-play, online or Sugar Daddy scenarios. It would be great to hear from guys who are still bachelors and cold approaching. The interviews can be anonymous, like the one I recorded below two years ago with the “Real Hank Moody.” Send me an email if you’re up for it (and can still keep it up 😉 ).

6 thoughts on “40+ Daygame”

  1. Hi Tom, I’m 47 years old. I started listening to your podcast on 2015. Got laid 5 times in 2016 which was a lot for me since I hadn’t got laid the previous two years after a relationship. I dated a girl in 2017 but the relationship came to an end last month, so I’m back at it and will follow your advise this time to not commit to one girl and live in abundance. Love your podcast and your book street hustle! Keep the great work, always a fan!

  2. To do day game aged 40 and over, it can be done, but probably not if you’re in your 60s. It’s going to be harder for most guys. They’ll have to master their inner game a lot more than most younger guys do, as they’ll have a lot more rejections than those of younger guys, especially guys aged 40 and over, who look every bit their age.

    A guy aged 40 and over doing day game, will have to look after himself and regularly work out, as in be someone who exercises at least 5 or 6 times a week, not just 1-3 times a week. It’d be good to see in field of guys aged 40 and over successfully doing day game, as pretty much everything seen on YouTube, is of younger guys.

  3. I’m 44 and recently divorced. I studied all your videos and your books, I walk like 15 km a day in my city to try daygame from 3 months on, but still I’m so blocked that I did approach no one directly! But I’m very involved and want to succeed in defeating my weasels.
    Love your work! keep going!

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