Beginner To Advanced In 15 Months


For the final daygame podcast of the year I meet up with a dedicated London hustler called Thomas who reveals his 15 months of statistics, explaining how he got good so fast. We discuss our plans for 2018 and why habits and systems beat resolutions.

17 thoughts on “Beginner To Advanced In 15 Months”

  1. Will you interview some from your 2011 Daygame book like Beckster and Antony? I was following your contents from then and this was fun times. And what is your view on daygame in SE Asia Tom?

    1. I wanna also hear a podcast with Anthony. I remember him on old podcasts I think as the guy who came up with the dating model with you. You speak highly of him but hes an enigma. Happy 2018 brotha

    2. They’re both coming to the cinema premiere so I’ll try and grab them for a podcast. Regarding SE Asia, I’d steer clear for daygame, there’s too much low quality Tinder / Pay-For-Play going on which isn’t going to toughen you up. Learn pickup in your home city then travel.

  2. He did 1400 approaches and had 18 lays so that’s around 80 approaches to have a lay. Do you consider that advanced ? For me it was more around 30-50

    1. And congratulations to Thomas ! Started game as the same time as him. What a journey it’s been. God bless him and all the daygamers rocking the streets

    2. 1 lay in 30-50 is top level, but Thomas is impressive for the speed with which he learnt Game and, more importantly, got CONSISTENT results. That’s the sign of a guy who knows what he’s doing.

      1. For sure, what’s the guy with the best ratio you ever met ?

        [One of my wings Ian got a 1-in-16 ratio this year with high quality. Yes, I was jealous haha. TT]

  3. Tom – can you upload the original Girlfriend Sequence product if you still have access to it. I loved it so much and it was full of gold but then when the company folded it vanished 🙁

    1. I don’t have access to it either, but if anyone has the original video course from 2013 downloaded then I’d love to have a copy which I could re-upload. Send me an email if you do

  4. If you think your SMV peaked at 35, what changes did you notice as you hit 36 onwards? As far as I can see, you’re still killing it.

    1. Could be a multiple of reasons, younger girls having issues with men close to 40 or lower energy levels. Could also be psychological since aging affects men in different ways.

      At the same time, his peak years are pretty random and very short (33-35?) which makes me think it’s perhaps anecdotal- he just fucking rocked it during those years.

      I’m almost 40 and would say I am the best I have ever been, so for me 35-38 have been my glory years so far – but I also plan on year 39 being just as good ;-).

    2. If you hit the gym and maintain an active lifestyle. You can continue to bang young girls way past 35. I’m 33 and still get mistaken for someone much younger *touch wood

  5. Lately you speak a lot of over pulling. Can you please explain what you mean by that and how to notice to stop escalating/pulling?

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