Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights - Tom Goes To Middle East For Daygame In The Desert


A bizarre last minute arrangement – I’m flying to the United Arab Emirates on Thursday to teach daygame to what sounds like the grandson of an oil sheik. This will be the strangest situation I’ve daygamed in but I’m going to do my best to get the flag from a local lass who will rub my magic lamp.

No idea what to expect and not exactly what I had in mind for the start of the year but I’ve just found out Lawrence of Arabia was born in Wales so that clinched the deal.

If you don’t hear from me again then send a search party into the sand dunes…

8 thoughts on “Arabian Nights”

  1. If you’re getting paid, why not. That’d be pretty cool, to be able to say to a chick in day game, ‘hey would you like to meet up tomorrow, I’ll pick you up in my Ferrari’. Or ‘come on my grandfather’s luxury $100 million yacht this weekend’.

    I imagine day game in Dubai and UAE would be extremely challenging, be it for Western and/or Arabic guys, especially since it can get to 45C outside, so it’d too hot to do if you’re outdoors, plus it is a Muslim area. There’s also lots of gold diggers there.

  2. Hi Tom, I’ve tried sending you a few emails but no response. I work for a media company in the US and we’re wanting to talk to you about a possible project for Fall 2018 about your story. Could you check your inbox and get back to me. Kind regards, Ruben (ACC)

  3. Well best of luck! I lived in the UAE for a few months, Emirati are stunning but the toughest of nuts to crack. The big shopping malls is where it’s at.

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