Way Back When


Just finished recording a podcast with Beckster PUA, a key figure in my first book Daygame for taking me under his wing in 2010 and showing me the lay(s) of the land with pickup and seduction. It’s been years since I’ve been in London long enough to catch up with him but we finally made it happen.

Beckster’s been in the Game since 1996 and still the cheeky chappie I remember him to be. The episode will air this weekend so prepare yourself for some Great British Banter.

3 thoughts on “Way Back When”

  1. Go on boys! I remember going to see Tom give a talk with Beckster in some London uni campus around 2011 and laughing at Beckster’s dance floor kino move demo. Looking forward to hearing the podcast boys and please do more events together in the future.

  2. TOM! It’s time to get RSD-Jeffy, RSD-Tyler or Todd Valentine (Todd V Dating) on the podcast!! Have you tried it? It would be fucking GOLD.

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