Rogues’ Gallery


Hopefully there were no wandering hands


Cheers to all the naughty boys who came along for the Hustle On cinema premiere last night. I’m in an airport lounge feeling as rough as a badger’s arse, reeking of booze from the dirty Soho adventures after the film but relieved and grateful that it went off without a hitch.

Once I get some free time in Abu Dhabi in the next few days I’ll start working on getting the documentary uploaded for wider peep show pleasures.

7 thoughts on “Rogues’ Gallery”

  1. Haha thats my head in the middle. Tom it was a legendary night mate and watching you work the bar after with your charm was the best bit. I got a mad hangover to ouch 😀

  2. Mad evening Tom, loved the film and also loved seeing you socialising, you can see you’ve got experience with big crowds and merging sets 😉 That was the biggest and most normal PUA gathering I’ve ever been to so thank you for organising it. Quick question, how will you release the film online?

  3. missed my first approach of the year. two blonde sisters in the supermarket. It always happens when you don´t expect it. I was all sweaty from the gym – need to take chances much more this year.

  4. Hey Tom. I’m from Abu Dhabi as well. Please please tell me how did it go? I find this place extremely hard to day game since the supply of girls is very less.

  5. I was listening to your podcast about failures and there’s something i want to say.

    You say you’ve been rejected 1000 times but that’s not exacly right. It’s your approach that’s been rejected. It happens to miss an approach or an interaction. But imagine the girl rejects it and loses memory. If you re-open her she might this time go on a date with you.

    Happens to me i opened a girl on january 2017. Got rejected. I opened her again on november (didnt remember her and she didnt remember me) and this time got her number.

    All this to say: don’t take rejection too personnal. She’s rejecting the image of you you’re projecting at that instant, not you.

  6. What two things a beginner can work on (outside of learning game and massively approaching) to radically improve their SMV?

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