Hustle On – Daygame Documentary


Here it is, my digital love letter to daygame, the documentary film I’ve been making for the last six months released for free. HUSTLE ON.ย 

Lots of blood, sweat & tears (plus other bodily fluids) went into the shooting and editing of it but I’m proud of the final movie and what it represents.

Right now I’ve sworn to myself I’m never making another one but if you want to support what I do and encourage me to make more then throw some electronic coins in my hustling hat by buying a book or leaving some love below in the comments.

Stay horny ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tom Torero, 6th January 2018

17 thoughts on “Hustle On – Daygame Documentary”

  1. Hey Uncle Tom,

    I was expecting you to release the documentary only to be seen only on Vimeo subscription.I never thought you had become nuts .What’s your Paypal account?



  2. Look forward to watching this Tom. I must say as far as authors who have significantly influnced the way I think you come in at number two. Second only to the great Richard Dawkins himself who taught me to view the world through a rational lens. After reading his work your daygame/red pill content helped me apply that scientific mindset to dating.

  3. This re-ignites all the reasons I got into game! Thanks for this one Tom. Youโ€™ve helped me all throughout my journey.

  4. This was a great piece of work Tom. It’s great to see that we are part of a community that covers the whole globe. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only black sheep out there!

  5. The amazing part actually was seeing other people struggle in their daygame journey. Sometimes it’s epic. Sometimes it’s hard. It’s good to know everyone struggles/struggled.

    I was surprised to see how different each person’s game style was.

    Thanks Tom!

    1. Youโ€™ll eventually uncover your own style thatโ€™s unique and personal to you with enough practice. With structure comes freedom ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Uncle Tom,

    Love the documentary. You represented the community in the best way possible and communicated raw truths about pickup. It was great learning from the master. Keep it oh so dirty my friend.

    If anyone wants a wing/place to crash in California in the future just reply to this message.

    Onwards and inwards

  7. In the premiere you mentioned a ‘behind the scenes’ thing from the dirty stories behind this doc film. Whats the plan with that?

  8. Great job indeed…, not Not lengthy but long enough, not boring but so entertaining. Well chosen guys, locations, compelling stories…. And a minimalist production, enforcing even a principle you relentlessly preach. No doubt less is more.

    I hope (and I’m pretty sure) it’s going to be a great investment in the mid-long term through a boost in your product sales.

    Thanx, many thanx for making it available for free

  9. Dear Tom,
    I am almost same of your age, yet you are much more ahead of me in so many aspects of understanding life.
    I am not only learning Day-Game from you but also building myself differently just after I discovered
    your Den. It’s an energy-source for me, a new level of encouragement to do things. By allowing us to watch your exclusive work, you not only proved that you are a step ahead than others in this area but also better than them. Wish your success in all the ways you look for it.

  10. Wow didn’t expect this either, thank you! Plenty infield and an honest picture of daygame. Great motivator for my own journey. Huge respect for the guys in the film!

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