Documentary Behind-The-Scenes


I thought long and hard about the tone of the documentary film. Filthy and raw like Stealth Seduction or PG and accessible like Beginner’s Guide To Daygame. For more than a month I couldn’t decide, until a mate of mine helped by asking what the purpose of the movie was.

Hustle On is a door into the underground world of the Secret Society. It’s the gateway drug for those just dabbling, introducing them to the more potent qualities of daygame that await them down the rabbit hole.

In the future I’ll put together a behind-the-scenes bonus (for non-YouTube audiences) showing the naughtiness that happened while making the film. The 30 day world tour was intense and suitably squalid. My wing and co-cameraman Craig scored 7 lays, I scored 6, so he won the notch trophy, much to my despair πŸ˜‰ This podcast covers a lot of that filth:

We were both stressed, jet-lagged, hungover and ill so the whole project was a real test of our friendship. If you ever want to push your Game and really get to know your wing then try flying around the world with him in a month and sharing a room.

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