Pressure Cooker Effect

In my Below The Belt series of posts (which are the basis for my forthcoming book) I discuss the concept of what I term the Pressure Cooker Effect where a girl’s sexual desires and Secret Society fantasies explode after attempts at repression.

My time here in the United Arab Emirates has illustrated this perfectly. The majority of guys gave me warnings before I came here – You can’t run pickup in strict Muslim countries. Religious girls won’t be interested. It’s impossible and dangerous etc etc.

Well, as the saying goes, biology beats ideology. “Life finds a way” as Dr Malcolm comments in Jurassic Park. The more you try to hold back the river’s current, the more the pressure builds until your temporary dam ruptures with a bang.

The two lays I’ve had here have both been with “high quality” hijab-wearing Muslim girls, seemingly meek, mild and “K-selected” as the guys with purity fantasies like to go on about. But beneath the veil when no one’s looking, safe within the locked doors of the Secret Society walls, these kinds of girls go wild. As long as you stick to your obligation of discretion as a lover, they’ll do all the naughty, kinky things that they’ve been dreaming about but told were wrong and improper.

A good girl is just a bad girl who hasn’t been caught. That’s why it’s called the Secret Society, otherwise the White Knight Nice Guys would have breakdowns if they knew what their special princesses were really up to.

14 thoughts on “Pressure Cooker Effect”

  1. I come from a country that has these Muslim girls but they are rarely on their own. I once approached a Muslim girl, it went OK bt she didn’t give me her number. Later on a dude of Muslim decent saw that and tried to AMOG me.
    How do you do it differently. What part of your game do you have to tweak.
    Is there a lay report to explain what to do.


  2. So where do you recommend to daygame in conservative countries?
    Yes,it can be dangerous for the beginners Coz sex before marriage is kind of a crime in lots of conservative countries. The police might arrest you if you just approach a woman. Once I approached a hijab girl in a hotel and suddenly her husband came over angrily and told me “what do you want?”
    However if someone were a good seducer he would get laid more easily there.

    1. Approach in malls, supermarkets, coffee shops etc. Smooth, calibrated and under-the-radar. Know how to handle male interruptions and cock-blocks. Close subtly. Your social intelligence needs to be sharp.

  3. Tom,

    Don’t be afraid to release audio/video clips of these muslim chicks dropping the sheep’s clothing….like you used to do!

    1. You should therefore watch “stealth seduction” my friend. tom nails an iranian girl on there for your pleasure lol

  4. Glad you call bullshit on the whole ‘k-selection’ thing Tom. It’s a self constructed rationalisation by nice guys who deep down believe game doesn’t get the Girls Next Door. How the religious conservative nut jobs got associated with pickup is beyond me. The purity fantasy runs deep it seems. Good job in UAE Tom. Will you be going back for more conquests?

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