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Daygame: Origin Of Tom's Material


Where did the content of Street Hustle come from? How did I come up with the dating model that I’ve been teaching for the last six years?

For the next week I’ll be putting out the different parts of my first dating seminar I gave in January 2013 so you can see the origins of my material. In 2012 I published the first daygame memoir (imaginatively entitled Daygame) which not only contained my lay reports from 2010 & 2011 but all the early theoretical content my wing Antony and I were formulating. The 2013 seminar was the gathering together of all of these ideas.

Watching that seminar back now you can see that things weren’t as raw and naughty as they’ve become today. The team who filmed the seminar wanted to market it to a mass audience so they changed my title of “The Dating Bubble” to “The Girlfriend Sequence.”

Still, all the key concepts from my 2012 book are in there. The upgraded version of the model and techniques can be seen in my Daygame 3.0 seminar from last year.

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  1. Good on you Tommy boy. About time you reclaimed your stuff from DG.com days that people have been ripping left right and center. Will you post Conversation King and Date Against Machine to? I have a paper copy of your first book with the underground black cover that I used to read on the subway. Might be worth something one day on ebay lol. What happened to all your old podcasts from the DG house? They were my companion in the gym for many years. Ah memories and how time goes fast man. I’m visiting London this Fall fingers crossed so dinner on me if you happen to be there. I’m out of the game with a girl now but I still follow your journey with much pleasure.

    1. Cheers Superstar99, I don’t have access to Conversation King / Date Against The Machine but if anyone has copies then please email me the files. Same with anyone who has my old Youtube content cheekily saved (2011-2013), I’d love to get copies to repost. Not sure about the old podcasts, they were pretty waffly and scattered but there were some nuggets of early content gold in them.

  2. That’s how I met you Tom. This product changed a lot in my game so even if it was not as raw as it is now you have to be proud of it.

    I got my 1st lay of 2018 two days ago, a girl I met the week before. I applied the model as I usually do: two venues, kiss in second venue, bounce back with Uber, fuck close. It hasn’t changed that much. The difference is girls know what we want, she even told me before I did: “I don’t want anything serious”.

    Continue the good job Tom !

    1. The date model hasn’t changed that much. This product is one of the best Daygame product still to this day in my opinion

    2. Tom is quite rightly setting the record straight about where his material came from. I think he’s putting it out there for evidence and posterity, probably tired of the copies and clones.

      1. He must get pissed off when people say K’s textbook came first which was only published in 2014 and has all of Tom’s and dg.com material in it. Heck I’d be hopping mad. Tom it would be good for you to get all the early products online for free again. Date Against The Machine was the first time I saw the Blueprint in action and it crystallised everything. Can you get John Matrix on a podcast to go reminisce about those days? I’m gutted I never did a bootcamp with you both in 2012 when I was based in London. Anyway thanks for uploading the seminar. I’m looking forward to the next parts.

  3. I’ve got digital copies of your early products Tom. Gonna shoot you an email. You and Mystery doing a collab finally? Keep taking PUA back to the roots 😀

  4. Tom, I love your material and enjoy learning new concepts. I know you’ve spoken with Black Dragon Blog before and I was wondering what you think of his model where he suggests: one 60 minute date at a bar where no kissing is instructed, followed by a date at hers or your place where you push for sex? That seems to be a fast model and cuts out a lot of additional work.

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