Spike Things Up With Her


The third part of my 2013 dating seminar in which I cover how to spike things up out of comfort quicksand when on a date with her.

You can see how the model has changed in the five years since that was filmed here.

4 thoughts on “Spike Things Up With Her”

  1. hi tom i dated this girl last night and everthing went well at first, we enjoyed others company, we were laughing, buildrapport she invested more the i am, she comply on my seduction and physical escalation and i felt theres an attraction between us so very positive date. but when im about to kiss her she just gave me the cheek she refuses to be kissed on the lips and i responded your famous line “im a guy youre a girl it my job to try …” then she laughed. but suddenly her friends came over to join us on our table. she didnt tell me that she texted her friends to come over. so i did the IOD thing and went out of the venue and pretended that my sister was calling and when i came back they are about leave and made excuses that its late she had curfew on her dorm etc. and i texted her awhile ago and she didnt reply until now. so my question is it possible for a girl to flake on you even though your date went well?

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