Bedroom Boss


Here’s the final part of my 2013 dating seminar where I explain how to get her back to your place for some jiggy jiggy action. You can see lots of the techniques that went on to be featured in my textbook Street Hustle.

To learn how the model’s changed in the last five years then go here.

3 thoughts on “Bedroom Boss”

  1. Hi Tom I’m George the guy who stopped you in the airport. Thank you for your time and texting help! You are welcome in Milan any time. Thank you again you helped me very much.

  2. Blue balls this morning uncle Tom.

    I met a 19 yo Russian tourist. It was her first time in Europe. Numberclose, meet the next evening. 1st Drink, her english was below average but she was doing the talking and qualifying. She was calling me a french bad boy etc..

    2nd venue easy kiss close, touch her pussy through her jeans, ass, everything..
    Call Uber, bounce back, she kept telling “ok but no sex ;)” and I was ignoring with a smirk because I know she knows why she come to my place (I told her I was hungry and she’s going to cook for me).

    We go to my place, i put some sexy music, she sits on a chair, I go on the bed, she joined me herself. She tells me to go with her to some concert tomorrow and I say no, I have other things to do (and i don’t want).

    We lie, we kiss, she even touches my dick through my jeans, she bites my lipes, put her legs so I can rub my dick against her, then I try to take her top off and… she goes crazy “omg no sex, omg no slut, omg omg omg”. I try to stay cool, roll off a bit but she puts her coat and after a few minutes she leaves.

    I was close from my second lay of January, it will have to wait a bit 😉

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