Why Are You Reading This?


I’m neither a dating nor a life coach. I’m not your self development guru. I have no interest in your gym or nutrition schedule. This website and my content has just one aim in mind:

To help you and I seduce hot girls

It’s important to be able to look in the mirror and accept that this is what you’re doing. Too many guys can’t quite say it. They’re hiding their dicks – both to girls and themselves.

Trying to wrap being a pickup artist in self-development, politics, fitness or whatever the flavour of the month is isn’t helpful. It’s actually harmful as it means you’re not comfortable admitting to yourself (and others) that you’re a guy who likes to hit on hot girls.

Of course, as I say, the girls are the catalyst to lots of things changing in your life to get good at seduction. My life has changed immeasurably since I became a pickup artist in so many aspects – job, fashion, health, earnings, location, beliefs – but they are are side effects to why I got into this and why I still do it.

Let your horniness kick you up the arse so you leave your house and grab life by the horns. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact it should be shouted from the rooftops.

So look in the mirror and say this to yourself ten times: I’m a pickup artist. I’m attracted to hot girls. My goal is to get them into bed. I should be proud of this. It’s my biological mission.Β 

If you’re not comfortable admitting that then step back and ask yourself why….

4 thoughts on “Why Are You Reading This?”

  1. Remind me of Tom Hopkins book “Sales”. He said that you should assume and shout “I love money”.


  2. reminds me of Jon Matrix
    he says pickup doesn’t make you a man by constantly getting laid.
    You’ve to focus on having LTR l(
    btw, when you’re going to have another podcast with him, Tom.


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