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Adoration Level Daygame - Daygame Basics


Daygame mastery, as I hinted at in my “Daygame 3.0” seminar, is not just getting her into bed for the notch, but generating so much desire in her that she’ll get into your bed herself again and again, not wanting to leave. She adores you as her master. 

The pickup learning progression goes like this:

  1. You learn how to be socially aware. Basic social skills
  2. You learn to build attraction with girls and date them
  3. You learn to generate arousal with girls and be their lover 

Step 4 takes you into the Dark Arts of pimp-level game. I’ve told you before to read Iceberg Slim’s autobiography “Pimp: The Story Of My Life” to begin to see how to not only sleep with girls but to make them adore you.

It’s pretty dark stuff because it’s not just about a one-off sexual encounter but how to wield power and control over a girl who worships the ground you walk on. Dark Triad traits (narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy) are turned up to the max, as I discuss in this podcast on the Cult Of Personality.

I’ve thought about doing a talk on the topic of Adoration Game for a long time but am aware that it’s probably not on most guys’ priority lists to become a pimp. However it deserves to be discussed more so I’m writing a chapter on it for my new book “Below The Belt.” Let me know your questions below.

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  1. That book is a masterpiece. Well written and deep down into the black pimping society. For those who liked it or don’t like to read I recommend the HBO show: The Deuce

  2. I guess the average guy just wants a girlfriend. He would be too shocked hearing these dark truths of biology. Best for him to keep his purity fantasy. Some things are just too much.

  3. Pimps are amazing at getting women to adore and do anything for them. You should read the book 48 Laws Of Pimping or the one Tom mentioned. But if you’re a nice guy then be ready to be shocked at what women like

  4. Personally I still stuck in step 2…

    I would like to know how to be respected by girls when they play silly buggers during the dating and during the relationship. Also I would like to know how you can make a girl addictive by you (like a drug) during the relationship (with drama, sex…). And I would like to know how to become a bad boy (with an action plan) and what is his mentality. Even if it’s dark I need to know your secrets if I want to have the same results as you one day.

    1. My Youtube videos cover all that Pacpac, and my textbook has it all in one place. It’s enough to get to Stage 3 where you can sleep with many girls as a player. Only then I’d consider Stage 4

    1. Beware the purity fantasy of “not all girls are like that.” Look up the women that fell under Charles Manson’s spell….respectable middle class wholesome American gals.

    2. In a lot of case they are junkies wanting to make money but at the end the thing is the same as pick up: you need a strong frame

      1. I’m not referring to actually pimping girls. This article is about the concept of inspiring the pimp-like adoration that such men get from women. The idea of it only working on “junkies” or “low quality women” is wrong; attraction is attraction, women’s biology is the same.

  5. Tom congratulations on your new book writing I totally can say I’m doing daygame because I want to be a pick up artist and I’m attracted to hot girls and my goal is to seduce then and im proud of it from your earlier blog. Your question adoration I would what are the different types of adoration are there

  6. What are the things that a girl will always come back for from a pimp ? What is she seeking precisely along with passionate discreet sex ? And how does she want it ? Please outline this in the chapter of your upcoming book

    1. Good questions VJ which the book explores. In brief, it’s all about a watertight frame, an emotional roller coaster, the fact she is made to chase, dominance & fireworks in the bedroom and his Dark Triad traits. Listen to the podcast I linked to get an idea.

  7. A little quote from Pimp by Iceberg Slim (might not be 100% accurate since I translate it from french to english):
    “What matters with a girl is the beginning. Because it will end the same way. Of course you can start being a pimp with a girl and end like a pigeon and getting blown out, but it never works the other way.”

  8. Like you said it deserves to be discussed. Being aware of it is white guys need to know. we would appreciate it if you discuss more about this topic.

  9. Please outline the use and explanation of violence in stage 4. Just read Pimp and the whipping with the cloak hanger really got to me. I get it but I think more elaboration on this dark behavior is necessary. Also, please outline how to get to stage 4.

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