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Brag More Equals More Attraction

“It’s not bragging if you can back it up” – Muhammad Ali

It’s a very British (and Northern European / Japanese) thing to be extremely modest. Hide your successes whilst at the same time talking down about yourself. Blend into the crowd. Don’t rise above your station. Keep calm and carry on.

This is at the heart of Mr Nice Guy. He’s ashamed of his ego, he has a low opinion of himself and reeks of low confidence. You can see it in his walk, in his fashion, in his life choices. You can hear it in his voice. He’s vanilla through and through.

Top players and seducers are the polar opposite. Loud, cocky, confident and brash. Their playful arrogance and charisma draws girls in like moths to a flame. Girls love the jock, the jerk, the Chad, the bad boy. They exude I-don’t-give-a-fuck swagger which demonstrates to girls their position at the top of the Sexual Marketplace pyramid.

I’ve often been asked why my videos and books have a braggadocios tone to them. My reply is that if you find them so, then the likelihood is that you’re too timid yourself. You’ve been raised to keep your head down, fit in and accept your lot in life.

A Black Sheep Bandit has to unfuck himself by putting his head above the parapet. For that he’s going to get shot at by others who want to pull him back down. To be a great seducer you’re going to have to be different to others. Your style will be edgier, your voice will be louder, your walk will have more swag, your behaviour will demonstrate the Zero Fucks Given vibe.

Of course, as the quote says, if you’re going to brag then you need to back it up. This is where the hard work comes in. You’re going to have to travel those thousands of miles, collect all those wild experiences for real, put in the thousands of cold approaches, write the books or film the videos. But once you’ve done all that, shout it from the rooftops. Nobody else will do it for you. If you don’t believe you’re a boss, nobody will.

I’ve spoken about the importance of humble bragging when it comes to girls (so you don’t come across as try-hard) and why having a big ego is normal for pickup artists:

7 thoughts on “Brag More”

  1. I think its a fine line with bragging. Ive read 48 laws of power and Robert Greene says to actually do the opposite because bragging creates envy and jealousy in your ‘enemies’ – Does the lion need to prove he’s a lion? No, because he knows intrinsically his value. Girls should know your true value without you having to show it off. I tend to agree with Robert on this one.

    1. Lions brag a lot with dominance fights, the sexual selection of their manes etc. Would rock stars and celebrities be famous if they just stayed at home? I think you know which one girls prefer…the shy guy in the corner or the arrogant front man of a band 😉

      1. Spot on Peter. Animals and plants brag like crazy. All those colours, howls, fights – even the dawn chorus is a shouting match. But yes, with girls it’s got to be a clever form of bragging to show DHVs. I’ll go over it in this week’s podcast.

    2. I agree with you. Your confidence is shown by your actions not about bragging.
      Bragging will make girls like you less because it looks like you have something to prove.
      But, as Tom speak about in Street Hustle if i remember correctly, a super effective weapon is the false disqualification:
      – I’m poor, I was a micro penis, I’m so shy, that with a smirk is sooo powerful girls love it

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