Female Hustlers

Female Hustlers

Femme fetale – an attractive and seductive women, especially one who will ultimately cause distress to a man who becomes involved with her”

Both men and women are hustlers – men usually for casual sex (without commitment/provisions), women usually for commitment/provisions (without casual sex). Who folds first? That’s why it’s called the Game.

From the dawn of time women have used their sexual allure to hustle men out of money, replicating true signs of attraction with fake signals perfected by strippers, hookers, waitresses and promo girls. I recorded a podcast on this topic of how men fall for these female hustlers all too easily and often.


I’ve just come back from the cinema where I watched the movie “Molly’s Game” about the true story of Molly Bloom, an American woman who ran a high-stakes underground poker heist in Los Angeles before being busted by the FBI. The film’s so-so but the original story is worth exploring. Hot girl with sharp hustling skills wrapping men around her finger. The oldest trick in the book.

In my early years of daygame I once picked up a confident blonde girl who had arrived in London from a small Swedish town and had quickly worked her way up the social ladder using a similar set of hustling skills. She’d dated Arabian royalty, a player from Manchester City Football Club and a member of a famous boy band, all within a year of arriving from Sweden.

“Ah, well it’s easy for girls, they’ve just got to open their legs” the usual guy says, not understanding that, just like for men, there’s amateurs and professionals, good and bad hustlers. The Swedish girl would show me her phone messages to prove the point that she wouldn’t actually have sex with lots of the guys, instead like Molly Bloom making them chase her to get what she wanted.

Play or get played. Be the hustler or the mark. The cute smiling barmaid who twirls her hair as she gets you your next beer knows exactly what she’s doing.

3 thoughts on “Female Hustlers”

  1. Nice one, it’s weird why so many guys pay for escorts and strip shows thinking it’s game. On a different topic do you still have that daygame flow talk on video you gave in that hotel in London in 2012. Can’t find it online anymore 🙁

      1. Cheers Keith, make sure you read the book “Flow: The Psychology Of Happiness” by Csikszentmihalyi which the talk was based on. Daygame can be the door to this flow state.

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