Passion Wagon Progress

Passion Wagon

Passion Wagon 2

Don’t laugh…your sister might be inside 😉

The Black Sheep Bandit van conversion is making progress here in damp drizzly Britain. Two fine fellas (with impressive side burns) called Nev and Leon have done the insulation, electrics, floor and wood burner installation. It’s about 50% complete so ready for the open road towards the end of February.

What’s the point of the van? I’ll reveal more in a video series that I’m making but to cut to the chase it’s what they used to call a passion wagon:

“A vehicle used for love making”

Gone are the logistical problems. It’s a bedroom on wheels that I can park in city centres across Europe from Lisbon to Kiev. I can also take it into the mountains and along the coast for some rakish adventures with lucky ladies.


Someone recently commented that my project reminds them of Tarantino’s grindhouse movie “Death Proof” where the stunt driver Mike takes girls in his car for more than a spin. I agree that the van is for pulling women, but not for the bloody carnage that’s in the movie. However it is going to be one hell of a ride.

So. If the van’s a rockin’, don’t come knockin’….

7 thoughts on “Passion Wagon Progress”

  1. Hi Tom, i do use my work’s van for similar purpose when ever i get a chance to samedaylay and i noticed that its best to have an access point from the drivers/passenger’s cabin side to the back of the van.side door or the back door makes them feel weird,maybe even tacky,they immediately give my experience. i would like to hear how YOU gonna get them in to the van. goodluck

  2. Tom,

    I own your Daygame book. Great book. I have listened to dozens of your podcasts and watched hours of your videos. Lots of great information. But there is one thing I frequently encounter that as far as I know, you have never addressed. The topic of girls with kids. In my experience, there are rarely girls over the age of twenty-five that don’t have at least one child. Yet, you don’t seem to have ever addressed how you handle this. If you have, I missed it. When I see a gorgeous girl walking out anywhere alone, she always appears to be ‘single’ and childless, however this is rarely ever ths case. How do you deal with this? DO you deal with it? Because children a huge part of a girl’s life, time and energy. They often seem to mention them as a defense mechanism during interactions and depending on the circumstances, they usually make the logistics of follow-up dates into a nightmare. The more experience I get, the less I think I want to deal with it at all. But I’m really curious as to what your stance is, especially because your the most real and honest guy in the game but have never covered this at all that I know of. You’ve covered ‘boyfriend’ extensively but not this and this is much harder to deal with.

  3. Hi Uncle Tom,
    I’m a very short guy (5,2) I’m 28 years old and I live in los Angelea. Since I was a child, I have been bullying because of my height. So now, I can take that off my mindset which affect my game. I have tried to approach women but I can’t stop thinking about my height and I think women would not see me as a potential mate. I know, I’m just sabotaging myself with this kind of thinking, but I can’t help it. I have been reading and watching your material for quite a while. And I think you’re a genius, so please help me!! I haven’t get laid for about 6 years and I need to.

    1. Anthony,
      Use this to your advantage: Decide what girls you’re into i.e. Tall girls or short girls?
      If you’re into Tall girls, bingo! Use it in your approaches – it will make the girl feel great that you consider her tall. It works the other way around too!
      Hope this helps!

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