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Postcard Winners:

  • Nas (Bucks, UK) – Street Hustle winner
  • Andre J (Denmark)
  • Alex B (Germany)
  • Tonmoy (Ireland)
  • Kevin (Wigan, UK)
  • Jake (Brazil)
  • Mario (Florida USA)
  • Ankush (Finland)
  • Maddy (Bangalore, India)
  • Fatso (South Africa)

12 thoughts on “Street Hustle Giveaway”

  1. Hi Tom, I like your work, and I agree with you that being in a relationship is no good for sexual freedom. However, having been in a relationship for 2 years the upsides have been that I have all my fetish desires satisfied all the time, have learned how to hold the frame over a really long period, and can boast being in a high quality relationship with constantly doing new and fun things. Additionally, it has also been a new life experience to learn how to give love freely and get it back in return. The only down side to all this has been that I do not have the freedom to sleep with whom I please and so am wondering whether on this basis of more positives than negatives overall, you still consider monogamous relationships something to avoid?
    P.S. I don’t live with her, and do not consider her irreplaceable, even though she’s one point hotter than me.

  2. Tom, your uniqueness is your ability to articulate nuances and concepts of the game in a clear and structured way. Let me be clear: I love your work and are very grateful for your contribution to the community.
    Just wondering if you have checked out some of Todd Valentine’s previous programs like Women and Daygame (they’re taken down now), I find he had a lot of nuanced points you don’t cover, especially when it comes to calibration and nuances within each specific interaction and set, London Daygame Model’s structure is quite poor compared to that for advanced Daygamers (even though I did love it as a beginner). The only thing you talk about beyond the structure is when you’re advanced and can start to freestyle etc. I miss a section in your work about these distinctions and calibrations.
    Todd had talked about what distance to approach, what angles, reading what kind of girl, her situation etc, tons of concrete calibration distinctions for different kinds of set which you mostly call out to be “intuitive” after so many approaches.

    I think of it like a student of my field (electrical engineering), even though I have my PhD I still follow up on new research take about 5-6 courses a year to learn the newest stuff, I’m wondering if you have this approach to game with educating yourself about new concepts, styles, approaches or if you feel as an authority or niche that it’s not aligned with your integrity. Love from one who has learned tons from you, but also tons from other people making my game snowballing like a mountain.

    Cheers from Spain

    1. Tom and Todd both have excellent theoretical knowledge (Tom as a biologist, Todd as a poker play) but Tom has much better infield daygame, very witty and nuanced. Todd comes across as more mechanical and suited for bars. He’s running almost exact Mystery Method (M3 Model) whereas Tom has taken daygame to something a lot more improvised and flowing. I’ve seen Todd’s products and got a lot out of them but his night infields were way better than his daygame which was short, flat and more of a numbers game. If you haven’t seen Tom’s Stealth Seduction infields then I’d get them if you want PhD level engineer type stuff (the seminar on there with the 3.0 content is worth it). It’s still my hope that Tom and Todd collaborate now that Todd is free to do his own thing. They have very similar brains.

      1. I have every product from Tom and listened to every podcasts, probably seen 70-80% of all his videos, and I have to disagree with you, Sir. Todd is way more nuanced and make tons of distinctions than Mystery Method. I’ve watched all Tom’s infields, the approaches are way more “one dimensional” than Todds, (even they are very rich and varied in that one dimension). Todd is almost changing personality for calibration some times in terms of micro-managing the style. My main point is that there is more to be educated about in the middle registre from structure (LDM) to total freestyle, there is more nuanced calibration to be learned, and I’m sure Tom can teach us alot of them. Just wanted to point it out: There are more helpful distinctions to be made from intermediate to master. Anyway, Tom and Todd together would be FUCKING AWESOME! And this comment should really be under “How can I help you” video. Cheers

    2. Tom ‘one dimensional’? No way Fred. Listen to this from Toronto ( or watch this one in a cafe (, both extremely fluid yet technical approaches that BLOW MY MIND. IMO the most impressive infields on Stealth Seduction are the English doctor and the girl from the bench in New York. These are as rich, varied and three dimensional as you will ever hear in pickup. His adaptability is insane.

  3. Thanks Tom, I am aware of B.Dragon and have followed his work as yours over a couple of years. And I agree that monogamy is not natural to human beings.
    That said, If I do daygame with a high failure rate for some hotter, younger successes, I will still will not achieve fetish styled sex without at least the comfort of a mini relationship or so. This whilst it may work at some point, will still be a relationship of sorts but will still leave me without love in my life, (the healthy kind) I get that daygame improves your overall state of character, but I think the challenge of monogamy is just as good for self-improvement.
    I’m not glorifying monogamy and I’m not saying you’re wrong, but if you’re a guy that just wants normal sex, perhaps bdsm styled sex, you’re easily better off single and daygaming. For those of us who require something way more specific in the bedroom a relationship of some kind, is going to provide that kind of sex way more regularly under the umbrella of comfort and love. And as open relationships are hard to achieve with girls, it unfortunately leaves monogamy as the most achievable option. Would you say I am being realistic and fairly accurate?

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