Discretion in Daygame


If you want to be a girl’s lover then you have to uphold one of the key Secret Society principles: discretion (the word ‘Secret’ says it all). Her dual-mating strategy only works one way – the lover can know about her provider, but the provider must not know about her lover.

She’s risking a significant amount by cheating on her boyfriend or husband. If he finds out he might well leave her (meaning loss of resources). Word might well spread and she can be labelled a whore (which repels other future providers who have deeply ingrained Purity Fantasies).

By now I hope you’ve finished the book Sperm Wars by Robin Baker, an easy-to-read evolutionary explanation of the nature of cheating and the sexual habits of humans. It’s shocking reading for many people who have Disney ideals of monogamy, but for daygamers and pickup artists it should be nothing surprising because you’re living it.

The Secret Society depends on discretion from the lover. If you’re a hustler who’s not pretending to be her boyfriend but making it clear that you’re her go-to guy for casual sex then you need to be doing the following:

  • No Public Displays Of Affection
  • No calling her phone or bombarding her with messages
  • No posting pictures together on social media
  • No love bites or passionate scratches on her during sex
  • Letting her have a shower after sex (so she can hide your scent)
  • Being flexible with her schedule – lunchtimes or her breaks might only be possible
  • Being flexible with location – you might need to use a car, parks, a low-key hotel 

In my new book I’ll be exploring this topic in detail and giving case studies of how girls and I make sure to keep our adventures off the radar of her main man. But for now if you’ve not read Sperm Wars then that will give all the background you need to understand why the Secret Society is….secret.

8 thoughts on “Discretion”

  1. I do not have your video product (yet) but could you Tom (or someone who has watched it) inform me as to on how many infields the girl has a boyfriend or husband? I am interested in this society secrets. 41, Alberta Canada, looking for a wing also.

  2. Hello Tom, I’m reading The Hustler by Walter Tevis and I love it. Would you advise to read The Color of Money (i loved the movie) and Queen’s Gambit ?

    1. If you love Tevis then read Ben Mezrich too. I’ve just finished “Flawless: Inside The Largest Diamond Heist In History” by Scott A Selby which was also excellent.

  3. If she aggressively love bites u during sex, that means you’re officially in secret society? lol, i got this thing, girls like to mark their territory on the things belong to them

  4. ah btw, if a girl wants to show PDA by attempt holding your hand. Do you just playfully push her away or stick to the above rule strictly #noPDA no matter what.

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