Tom Torero: Daygame Mall Review

Here are the malls I review in the video which I’ve been doing daygame in over the years on my Street Hustle adventures:

  • Westfield (Shepherd’s Bush & Stratford) – London
  • Bullring – Birmingham
  • Columbus Circle  – NYC
  • Aventura – Miami
  • The Grove – LA
  • Eaton Centre – Toronto
  • Palladium – Prague
  • Galeria – Krakow
  • Okhotny Ryad – Moscow
  • Galeria – St Petersburg
  • Ocean Plaza – Kiev
  • Dubai Mall – Dubai
  • Shibuya 109 – Tokyo
  • Orchard Road malls – Singapore

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21 thoughts on “Tom Torero: Daygame Mall Review”

  1. Thanks Tom, I am aware of B.Dragon and have followed his work as yours over a couple of years. And I agree that monogamy is not natural to human beings.
    That said, If I do daygame with a high failure rate for some hotter, younger successes, I will still will not achieve fetish styled sex without at least the comfort of a mini relationship or so. This whilst it may work at some point, will still be a relationship of sorts but will still leave me without love in my life, (the healthy kind) I get that daygame improves your overall state of character, but I think the challenge of monogamy is just as good for self-improvement.
    I’m not glorifying monogamy and I’m not saying you’re wrong, but if you’re a guy that just wants normal sex, perhaps bdsm styled sex, you’re easily better off single and daygaming. For those of us who require something way more specific in the bedroom a relationship of some kind, is going to provide that kind of sex way more regularly under the umbrella of comfort and love. And as open relationships are hard to achieve with girls, it unfortunately leaves monogamy as the most achievable option. Would you say I am being realistic and fairly accurate?

    1. Be careful – there’s a lot of Disney idealism in that theory. The reality of lover (casual) sex is that it’s raw, passionate and far more addictive to girls than “normal” or “romantic” sex. It’s got little to do with BDSM. If you’re worried about loneliness without monogamy then read Black Dragon thoroughly or listen to my podcast on how to get other sources of affection in your life (

    2. Hi Tom, thanks for your reply but you seem a little confused with my point and question. Maybe it’s how I worded it.
      My basic point is that sex involving various fetishes will be more easily and regularly achieved through comfort and love most likely found in monogamy, as a girls social conditioning makes them often hostile to open relationships.
      In this I am not saying monogamy in general is good, it’s unnatural, but it can provide a man with many fetishes the sex he wants much better than under the daygame principle of fast sex and then moving on.
      Furthermore, I wasn’t talking about loneliness or (getting) affection. I don’t care about this. I was talking about love (giving it) by being a giving person in and out of the bedroom, and saying that daygame doesn’t try to achieve this.
      I get that being many years down the road of daygame and having it as your business doesn’t allow you to agree with me much, but I think there’s at least some reality in what I’m saying. So would you agree that whilst monogamy has many flaws, giving love, (not oneitus) and regular sex involving many fetishes are the benefits?

      1. You’re on the wrong blog man. You agree that monogamy isn’t natural. Why are you asking Tom to justify your own attempt at rationalizing the opposite? Sounds like you have a long way to go with accepting some tough truths about men and women. Have you even read the books Tom always says – The Evolution Of Desire, The Selfish Gene, Sperm Wars? If you had read Black Dragon’s blog properly then you would know the answer to your disney questions.

      2. HughMungus, you’ve totally missed the point too mate. And you sound like you’ve not even read or thought about my comment.
        I’m not advocating Monogamy, it’s unnatural and therefore problematic, but whilst it has problems, it does allow men who have many fetishes, a bigger and easier amount of the sex they want – because of the comfort and love in a relationship. That’s my point. It’s easy to understand, and you could have intelligently disagreed with your own point, but instead you had a meltdown over it. Good luck.

  2. Cool post man. I’ve daygamed in a few of those malls. Feels harder than street stops at first due to spotlight effect but after a few I actually found malls easier than street stops.

    Still struggle a bit with following girls into shops. I’ve done it a few times but often feels like staff are watching me, especially in smaller boutiques. Yeah shops definitely feel more high pressure. Guess it’s still just a weasel, right

  3. Great video and list,Uncle Tom. Another mall to include is The Trafford Centre in Manchester, since it’s always bloody raining up there.

  4. Hey Tom, I’ve done mall daygame before but sometimes the first girls I approach see me in sets later that day. I expect this burns more leads than it amps up (with jealousy). Is this something you just accept, or is there a better way to keep leads falling off due them seeing you run game in front of them?

    1. Don’t do more than 10 approaches per session. Go inside stores, switch floors, do coffee shops etc. Seeing the same girl twice is rarely a problem but if it happens it happens, laugh it off. Plenty more fish 😉

  5. Eaton centre is too damn filled with Spam approachers that it’s better to try out all the other great daygame locations outdoors in Toronto. In the winter Toronto daygamers can practice their skills in night game

  6. Cheers Tom. You’ve discussed before that it’s important to avoid making girls feel trapped, for example when they are sitting on a park bench and you approach them. I sometimes feel that the same happens in malls and shops. Do you usually do something about it (like giving a time constraint), or is it just a matter of reading her signals?

  7. Nice video. I’m based here in Singapore and am very familiar with orchard road and the malls. You always see one or two daygamers whizzing around the crowds there 🙂

    If you’re still in Singapore and fancy a beer, let me know. Been in SE Asia 5 years and although more a nightgame guy would be interesting to compare notes


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