Torero Texting Technique

Torero Texting Technique 1

Torero Texting Technique 2

This year I’ll focus once again on putting out not only more infields but also more screen grab examples of my text game, as it’s an area I’ve not documented in as much detail.

The above example shows how to overcome the nuclear shit test classic when she asks you “what do you want from me?” I use both shit test strategies – first I ignore by playfully misunderstanding the question, then I Agree & Amplify with some parody chode. This works as she reveals her hand by mentioning that she’s on her period.

The “I don’t mind, it’s natural” is my standard response when it’s her time of the month, and usually like here girls are happy you understand.

Before bed I send her a classic voice ping telling her (in a low, slow voice) to remember to bring the flowers and chocolate for me, and to have English dreams. It’s just a short audio message (11 seconds) so she hears the sound of your voice just before she sleeps.

Here’s a video from South America with some more classic text game dealing with a similar situation from a feisty princess:

18 thoughts on “Torero Texting Technique”

  1. I love those sort of articles uncle Tom because my experience totally differ from you on this one.

    Everytime a girl start getting “out of the road” on text it means I didn’t have the frame during the interaction and whatever I say on text is useless. I won’t have sex with her.

    It’s not illogical, if a girl is interested she will make things easier. A girl will never say to Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise “what do you want”, “u funny” or “i’m on my period”.

    Thank you Tom for all those articles and sharing your experience

      1. I don’t believe in that categorization. I believe that either you have the frame, or you don’t. Either she’s interested or she’s not (to a certain point, girls will be more interested in you that others).

        I always get shit tests, LMR, etc.. but only in real life, not on text. I don’t send more than 3 texts to get her out, 1st because i hate texting and 2nd because if she wants to come out she will and if she doesn’t she won’t, whatever i say on text. You can’t win points with texts, only lose some.

        But again that’s my experience, i’m not in this as long as Tom so you’d rather listen to him than me that’s for sure 😉

  2. Jimmy you’re saying therefore game doesn’t exist. “Either she’s a yes or a no.” Game is all about the “maybe” girls. Imagine saying as a soccer “Either I score the goal or I don’t. The match isn’t important.” You sound a bit lazy with your text game. Converting the maybe girls is what its all about bro

    1. The fact that the girl is in your frame is because you did good during the interaction. And why ? Because you did a ton of other approaches, you read Street hustle, you know how it works, etc..

  3. I’m trying to mantain a open relationship with a girl and she’s getting too invloved and fill me with shit tests. I’m mantaining the frame but it’s very tiring. do you have a tip to lower her rate of fire?

    1. Girls are programmed to shit test to assess a man’s value. It never stops (in fact it increases in a relationship). If your frame is slipping she will sense it and test more. To get the frame back I’d use the roll off (go silent for a few days or weeks), jealousy (show her you have options) and a sudden jump in your SMV (get a haircut, lose weight etc). But usually once you’ve lost the wider frame then it’s impossible to get back.

  4. Very nice Had exactly the same nuclear shittest thrown at me from a girl. It could be tho, because the chat with in front of the sauna, I didnt go as direct as usual (a little creepy in a gym sauna where peope are dressed with towels only)

  5. Hey Tom. I usually can make some id’s while daygaming and even got hot girls phone numbers but when it comes to text It’s hard part for me. Maybe iam to funny in the ping texts, or maybe texting too much. Would be good to know the usual sequence after the number like how many days do you usually text her, and how many times do you call her out before leaving her alone at all? . The perception I have is the sooner you get her out the better and more solid it can become.

    Thanks for all the content as always

    Best regards.

  6. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for all the content. Can you please make a video or podcast on how to deal with cock blockers. Its a sticking point for me, especially in social circle game.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.


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