Daygame Misconceptions

Guys mix daygame up with all sorts of online mental masturbation. Today’s Torero video exposes the top ten misconceptions when it comes to Street Hustle pickup.

7 thoughts on “Daygame Misconceptions”

    1. I don’t get how some guys into pick up can be religious or traditional. Even worse is the former puas who lecture us on how they are now so over it and that we should all settle down with a nice wife. Fuck that lol


  1. You are damn real and raw Mr Torero. You bring the human side of things to all this. For that I thank you


  2. Nice. I especially resonate with the wingman comment. It’s good to see other people’s style and maybe get feedback occasionally. But daygame is best done alone. It’s simply more effective and efficient to focus on the interactions with women, not tend to a wing.


    1. I do daygame alone because I think many times wings join to be vibe vampires trying to use you to increase there energy and IOIs. I get more flow state as Tom says from solo


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