Pickup Return On Investment

Ian and I review realistic Street Hustle results and what a typical Return On Investment (ROI) looks like for daygame. Why do some guys get such different results? And when should you not daygame and choose another way to meet girls instead?

Review your Male Sexual Market Value here.

The videos mentioned in the podcast are below:

Realistic Daygame Statistics:


Daygame Is Difficult


Should You Quit Daygame?

13 thoughts on “Pickup Return On Investment”

  1. Hi Tom It’s Jacob from the training in Riga 2 years ago. Last year I got my ROI down to 1/42 so I am very happy with that. I copied your thing of writing down my victories in a small black journal. Seeing that book of yours was the great inspiration of those days we gamed together really. Put it in a pick up museum when you retire haha. I’m sure you are past the 300 count now. Do you remember my idea of putting marks on your cowboy belt. I only have 23 victories but that is 22 more than before I started the gaming. Does this Ian guy have any infields I could be inspired by or is he low profile because of his job? Take it easy Tom and see you in Baltics again hopefully

  2. Great that the whole starting SMV and quality aimed for issue was addressed. Results are like a snowball, gradually gaining size, and lots of guys aren’t getting theirs rolling by starting with lower quality girls.

    1. Game is plus one or two points above you. So if the guy is a 4 and pulling a 6 that is great. If he is a 7 pulling a 9 that is great. Tom is such impressive daygamer for me as he is not pretty (sorry Tom!) but the girls I have seen him pull home are hot. I know it’s not just his looks but his charisma skills. Do you remember the two friends pull from outside McDonalds Tom? I fucked up my chance but you fucked haha

  3. So far my ROI with nightgame exceeds that of daygame. Granted, I only had the balls to daygame for 7 month, properly nightgaming with drinking for maybe 10 years. Im 35 and had my best year last year with 12 girls, and this year 3 lays from nightgame already. Only 1 lay and a few girls in my bed from daygame, with close to 800 approaches. Approach to number 1/4, number to date 1/10, date to lay 1/10, first date to lay 0. Maybe I need to change cities, been residing in Riga for my entire daygame career (as a digital nomad). But I do enjoy the absence of AA and a feeling of freedom to approach anything I fancy. Right now in winter I do sporadic approaches when out and about.

  4. Backing up svenphil here, but isn’t it quite common to only have 1 lay in the first 1000 approaches if your an average bloke? And svenphil seems to be quite good at nightgame, perhaps just recalibrating for daygame is his obstacle. I’m seeking my second daygame lay, and i’m confident it’ll be quicker than the 1100 approaches it took for the first one (22 daygame dates-1 lay)…

    looking back, it coulda been a lot better had i had logistics or implemented uncle tom’s date model a lot sooner. i estimate about 3 missed lays as a result…again 4/1100-still steamy shit, but i’m finally on my way up the mountain.

  5. Just listened to the Podcast. I loved it, clearly one of your best. Big respect to Ian, 1/19 is a fucking good ROI.
    All of this is realistic and I love that about you Tom. ????

  6. Tom – Return on investment needs to include time in field for people with low approach count. 13 new closes per year is telling of the fault in the statistic.

    Older experienced PUA guy

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