Mystery – Beckster – Torero Bootcamp


“I confess, we’ve been rather naughty boys”

The only live daygame training I’m going to be doing for the rest of the year is on two Russian bootcamps with the legends Mystery and Beckster. They’ll be running their regular weekend training (starting on the Friday evening) including infield night game, while I’ll be helping coach the infield daygame on Saturday.

Click on the city and dates you’re interested in to book a place, or get in touch with me to find out more. Daygame meets night game in two cities with perhaps the most stunning girls on the planet. Get ready to melt some ice queens 😉

Saint Petersburg: Friday 11th – Sunday 13th May

Moscow: Friday 18th – Sunday 20th May

15 thoughts on “Mystery – Beckster – Torero Bootcamp”

  1. Holy smoke bro! You’ve climbed to the top of early legends. Now I hope you will consider doing some things with Todd V and Alex from 4 week natural…

  2. Tom while you are hanging out with Mystery perhaps you two can have a video taped discussion on the various models of game from Mystery Method to the London Daygame Model.

  3. Hi Tom, amazing and deserved for you to be working with Mystery. I hope you do a podcast one day about the history of pickup talking about him but even way older artists like Casanova and else.

    Could you please clarify the different fees you see on the links ? It’s not very clear what you get with that.


  4. Sorry for off topic post but I just had the first ever girl daygamer approach me and it was pretty interesting. She was a bit drunk and pretty fucking right on. “Listen, I just passed a exam today, I AM MARRIED but… let’s party” !!!

    She was not calibrated at all, but I guess a woman does not have to 😉

  5. I’m booked and now need to sort out the remainder of the logistics. Anyone else signed up yet? I’m interested in hearing from others and maybe getting together for a beer beforehand or just getting in touch. There’s a solid chance that I’ll have an Airbnb for a month.

  6. Hi Tom, I’m interested in doing the bootcamp. However, to apply for a visa one needs an “invitation”. Any advice how to get this?

    1. Working on that myself. The Russian Embassy in the US uses a service for visa stuff. Just spoke with them and it all sounded pretty straightforward. Might be a small extra cost but the call left me with a positive feeling.

      Leave your email if you want me to contact you about how the details pan out.

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