Tom Torero: Show, Don’t Tell


Writing for me is like pulling teeth. Whilst photography and film making flows naturally, putting pen to paper or tapping away on a laptop is painful. The book that I’m writing now (Below The Belt) will be my last collection of lay reports. From here on in I’m done with the blogging and chronicling by word. It’s time to just show rather than tell. 

“Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.”

I’ll be videoing a lot more, capturing the Black Sheep Bandit adventures on camera so you can see the pickup lifestyle rather than just read a printed version. For now follow what I’m up to on Instagram:

Like I always say, get off pickup forums and discussion groups. The Game is played outside, infield, talking to girls rather than to other guys on the internet. The theory is only the 10% to get you going. 90% is getting your hands dirty (and hopefully other parts of your body) in the real world.

4 thoughts on “Tom Torero: Show, Don’t Tell”

  1. Understood captain Tom. My reading of pua sites is an avoidance to doing any I’ll admit lol. And there’s now a glut of daygame bloggers who are churning out prose but no proof so your transparency is much appreciated. Would you say to stop reading theory completely once you know the model?

    1. If a guy has a PUA site but no photos of him or videos of him with girls then I unfollow. Any one can be a keyboard seducer these days IMO

  2. Tom,keep the writing, its like a cool men’s magazine, it has nothing to do with mental masturbation, we can do that even on videos lol, just keep blogging man !

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