Tom Torero: How To Flirt (Infield)

An infield from the Fall of 2016 in Toronto, Canada. I’m having a coffee break rest from my daygame Street Hustle adventures when I see a cute girl sitting by the window just finishing her lunch.

Notice how real infield daygame is not a logical linear model. Instead it’s three-dimensional where attraction, comfort and some light seduction are woven together. Flirty spikes lift the conversation every so often to get out of the chit-chat trap.

Watch how the investment level shifts: first it’s me doing the work, then I’m flipping things around and getting her to do more and more. The interaction is also bedded down with some grounding to stop it fizzing over.

Realise what the point of this flirtation is: to get compliance in order to bounce her out of the coffee shop on a seduction adventure. Don’t do more than is needed and forget about the whole point of what you’re aiming to do.

18 thoughts on “Tom Torero: How To Flirt (Infield)”

  1. So how did it go? Would be nice if you told us the end result of your interactions. Was it as SDL? Cheers brother


    1. Got a selfie with Tom in McVeigh’s when he came on that trip and he mentioned he’d smashed a hippie chick but don’t know if it was this one πŸ˜€


    1. Shes there visiting family, with free time looking for a cannabis cafe with lots of flesh showing, oh and she’s American…Are you kidding ?


      1. Free time… Didn’t hear that bit. That’s a good sign. But with all due respect, the rest of those pieces of information mean nothing compared to non-verbals.


    2. She’s scratching her arm, flicking her hair, flashing her boobs, says she’s got nothing to do, accepts the flirty spikes…and a young dreamy Californian weed smoker. Houston we have SDL liftoff πŸ˜‰


  2. Thanks for your regular uploads, Tom, including this one. But, hey, did you remove your ‘Dating Seminar’ videos? Actually it was quite helpful and unique content, fortunately could watch up to part 4 and unfortunately missed the ‘part 5’ … is there any way to get that?


      1. Sorry to bother you Ahmed .. I was actually waiting for the link, not received any mail yet.
        Please don’t miss to mail me.


  3. Tom

    In this first set You threw out 10 attraction spikes

    However in your other material you sayβ€” once you have a girl on a Day 2 date you only need to throw in 1 or 2 spikes. She is already attracted by then and you need to get some rapport and turn the attraction to arousal

    Is this correct – amp up the attraction spikes on the first meetings but then dial way down



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