Torero Meltdown (Sept 2015)


A blast from the past with a re-uploaded video that was pulled from Youtube because of the music rather than the camera violence 😉 .

This was from a daygame reconnaissance trip to Kazakhstan in September 2015 with Eddie from Street Attraction. As the video shows, things didn’t quite go to plan…

12 thoughts on “Torero Meltdown (Sept 2015)”

  1. Hi Tom,
    Please, can you make an infield (I am a visual person) of the end when the girl is in your place to see how to escalate once the girl is at home? And also how to react (inner game) when the girl rejects you once at home?

    Because I almost had a Same Day Delay with a girl who broke up with her boyfriend 4 months ago. When we were in my place, she was sitting on my bed and we were listening the music. I jump on her to try to kiss her but she rejects me saying she was thinking again on her boyfriend.
    I took it very badly and I think she saw it on my face and then left my place…

    I bought Stealth Seduction and the video who help me the more is the date with the columbian girl because I can see visually the escalation. Can you do the same with the end (without showing sex, just showing what you do once at home)?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi uncle Tom,

    Two days ago I had a daygame date with a very cute girl and we went to my usual bar where I take all my dates for a second venue. The girl is a waitress so she knew one of the barman, they were not close though, just acquatainces .

    Date goes well, girl is in my frame. I kiss her, I tell her let’s go to my place and she says yes. I go to pay and you know what the fuck happened ? The barman went to her, and told her that I come here often with girls. What a fucking bastard.

    I come back and when he sees me he says goodbye to the girl and leaves, she tells me what he said to her and asked me if it’s true. I say “Yes, it’s true, I really like this bar ;)”.

    We took Uber, went to my place, 30 minutes on my bed of LMR with her hindbrain and forebrain having a fight she was going crazy “oooh no I never had sex on first date” while undressing herself because my place was too warm.

    Biology won and we had sex. Then my classic Paris jersey photo for souvenir.

    But I still can’t believe what a fucking white knight the barman was. I wonder if he didn’t make her more attracted to me trying to do the opposite. Or if my frame over her was too strong and that had no effect.
    I’m sad because I really liked that bar and I think I won’t go back there anytime soon.

    1. You should go back to the bar, ask to see a manager and tell him what happened and that you are a regular here and you are just going to take your money into another bar business, then at the end, go to the bartender and show him that Neymar jersey picture 😉

  3. When life gives you lemons you take them and smash them in the street and move to the next street with a bad ass smile on your face.

  4. Tom, I see Todd Valentine and former RSD-Alex had a collar video. Would be so awesome if you could have that with alex, todd, mystery, Jeffy, Rsdtyler etc… Thanks

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