Change Her Mood Not Her Mind


This week’s Tom Torero podcast is something different. It’s mostly an infield daygame audio recording from a gutter game session in Toronto, captured in the summer of 2016.

If you listen carefully to the infield there’s lots to extract from it. Many of the tools in the Torero toolkit are featured…

  • I’m persistent but non-needy
  • It’s light and playful, not heavy and logical
  • I’m working on her mood not her mind
  • There’s leading and controlled logistics
  • I use singing to pump her buying temperature
  • I flirt with others in the venue to raise the general vibe


Verbal escalation included:

  • The direct opener
  • Elephant In The Room about trying to seduce her
  • Play on words (the meaning of “bear” in French)
  • Parody Chode (telling her I’m a good Christian boy)
  • Angel vs devil routine
  • Cat vs tiger routine
  • Putting her on a points system
  • Pre-empting LMR (“this is so crazy, this is so random”)
  • Finding out what kind of guys she likes
  • Parody Brute (ABC buttons)
  • Talking about sex shops (which she initiates)


Physical escalation included:

  • Tattoo routine
  • Ring routine
  • Looking for her devil horns
  • Seeing how skinny she is
  • Shoulder massage
  • Pulling her in (my “Floppy Test”)
  • Good smell (and my “Drive-By” kisses)
  • Pretend proposal
  • Kiss

5 thoughts on “Change Her Mood Not Her Mind”

  1. Top man, turned her right around. The moment she got interested was when you told her you were trying to seduce her – funny how they work sometimes. Thanks for the motivation Tom, makes me want to get out there.

  2. Dear Tom
    All the girls I hooked up with were single. How can I seduce married ones and the girls who have boyfriends? Are there any online books to change a intermediate player to au advanced one?

  3. Melody: New York New Yoek

    Start spreading the legs
    I’m leaving tomorrow
    I’m gonna be a part of it
    Your tits and asss…

    It’s up to you, let’s fuck, let’s fuuuuck

  4. Holy shit this is advanced, I loved how you said buying temperature is transferable so thats why you spiked up the whole bar around her. This is wonderful wonderful material Mr Tom!

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