Daygame & The Mystery Method


In this week’s podcast I review the key phases and way markers in the London Daygame Model, linking them to the components of the Mystery Method (M3 Model).

To summarise the frameworks discussed in the show:

Mystery Method (plus London Daygame Model elements – LDM)


  • A1 – Open     (“Open” in the LDM)
  • A2 – Female To Male Interest (“Stack”  and “Vibe” in the LDM)
  • A3 – Male To Female Interest (“Invest” in the LDM)


  • C1 – Conversation (“Invest” and “Close” in the LDM, plus the first part of the date)
  • C2 – Connection
  • C3 – Intimacy


  • S1 – Foreplay
  • S2 – Token LMR
  • S3 – Sex


New to daygame and can’t get your head around the different phases on the street? Watch two beginners infield learning the ropes:

6 thoughts on “Daygame & The Mystery Method”

  1. My favourite podcast of yours Tom with everything in it. Big respect for all the value and your love of the game.

  2. Hi Tom, slightly off topic and I hope this won’t come across as too nosy but am curious. Will you live in the van for the next few months or will you stay in airbnb’s and just use the van for mini-excursions?

  3. Is there a significant difference in content between Mystery Method and Mystery’s second book Revelations ?

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