Antifragile Daygame Pickup


How can all the rejections, flakes, blue balls and dry spells in daygame work in your favour? Why is playing the “tough guy” doomed to failure? And when should you be careful about pushing yourself with your daygame schedule?

Book mentioned: Antifragile – Things That Gain From Disorder (N. Taleb)

4 thoughts on “Antifragile Daygame Pickup”

  1. I recommend downloading the app ‘Blinkist’ on the iPhone and sign up for their yearly subscription. It literally compiles all of the best nonfiction books and summarises the most important parts down into a 10-minute read. I just finished reading Taleb’s book after starting it 10-minutes ago 😉

    With regards to my own experiences in my own journey both in and out of daygame. The best thing that happened to me was it increased my level of self-esteem by learning to speak up when required and developed more of a backbone. My nice-guy qualities are still there, but is now moderated and better calibrated.

  2. Hey Tom, I’m planning to start daygame properly after getting my logistics in order by the end of the year. (I’m in my Mid twenties) Since I want to get as much practice as possible without spam approaching would it be a good idea to nightgame in addition to daygame? Many. PUAs say that a player can get more lays and faster lays through night game than daygame.

    1. If you like to score goals you can do handball in addition to football but they are two different sports. Same thing with Nightgame and Daygame

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