Daygame & Dating – Who Folds First?


I’m back in London for 24 hours to sort a visa and see friends. Today’s podcast is a review of the sexual strategies men and women have when it comes to Street Hustle pickup, dating and mating. Who’s going to fold first?

2 thoughts on “Daygame & Dating – Who Folds First?”

  1. What advice would you give women or fathers of young girls to increase their success in the game? Neither of these apply to me but your opinions would increase my knowledge of the opponent.

    For example, is it better to obtain resources from a single man, several men serially, or several men in parallel. At what age should a women cash in her chips? 20 is often not practical in the western world. And when does physical augmentation lead to diminishing returns of, or an inverse relationship with, beauty.

    The Affection Addiction podcast is also my favorite. The part about biochemistry is especially good.

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