Sustainable Daygame

The end of this year will mark my 10th anniversary of being infield picking up girls using daygame. Today’s podcast reviews ways to make Street Hustling sustainable over the years and decades.

One thought on “Sustainable Daygame”

  1. I have bouts of feeling really old and ugly (35yo.). That is the main reason I was relying on nightgame, unable to approach during the daytime, even though I really wanted to, since last July. I pushed it finally aside during daytime, like I did before with the help of alcohol at night. Still, the problem remains. In deep rapport or something eventually it is impossible to hide that I feel unattractive, and I tend to drink a lot on dates, so if the girl is not doing likewise I have no chance of a lay. I have read tons of books and logically know it should not stop me the way it does, as for example no girl ever said you are too old or too ugly. Well they might ask: “how old are you?” but with the right confident comeback it is not a problem. There is probably no tip I have not heard before, but I just had to write it down anyway.

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