Black Sheep Bandit Episode 2

Part 2 of my chilly one-man-one-van-no-plan mission from the UK to middle Europe in the converted passion wagon. In this episode I drive through a snowstorm to make it to Poland for a long-game date, before heading north into the Baltics to start my daygame season.

In the next episode I’ll do a van tour and answer related questions, so leave them below.

4 thoughts on “Black Sheep Bandit Episode 2”

  1. Hey Tom,

    Beautiful views from your road trip. What do you have in the van? I can see you have some solar panels. I would like to know what else is inside the vehicle.


  2. It’s really cold and snowy! How can you tell if she’s hot if she has a thick winter coat on covering her body?

  3. Its great to have a Q&A

    Why did you pick Lithuania as your first destination to take the van to? Isn’t it a bit too cold to run daygame outside? Are you doing it inside a Mall or do you have excellent resistance to cold weather for long periods of time?

    I say it because I find the baltics to be worthy of enjoyable daygame only a few months a year and if I was you I would have taken the Van to the balkans or southern Europe.

    How do you find appropiate parking to spend the night in each city, is it easy?

    If you dont mind telling, what service are you using to get high speed internet everywhere you go? I assume you need to upload video.


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