Vancouver Daygame Lay Report

A lay report from a daygamer called Rob who I coached on Skype a few days ago. He’s been in Vancouver on a daygame mission and sweeping the streets clean of fine young ladies. Below is his trip summary and the lay report itself:

After having done about 500 cold approaches since I arrived in Calgary I decided it was time to expand my comfort zone by going on my first daygame trip. Me and a wing drove to Vancouver on Sunday the 18th of March and planned on staying here for two weeks. I jumped right into it and got an instant date on the first day after only 3 approaches. It nearly lead to a SDL, but unfortunately I was unprepared and didn’t have condoms on me. I was able to collect many numbers over the next couple of days, but all of them were flaking and I didn’t know why.

I really wanted to make the most of this trip and I realised that what I needed most in that moment was some advice from Uncle Tom. I called him on Saturday morning and we spoke for one hour. He made me understand that my numbers were not just flaking because my sets were too short, but mainly because I wasn’t reaching the hook point. Being a consistent closer I would “force the number,” even if the girl hadn’t hooked in the conversation. Not just that, but he also told me that I shouldn’t treat a daygame trip the same way I would treat daygame in my home city. It’s important to use that initial excitement and energy of being in a new city to collect as many solid numbers in the first five days as possible. Too sum it up, I had been to lazy and I needed a kick in the butt from Mr. Torero. The Skype session helped me big time in getting the following lay.

Lay Report From Rob’s Daygame Blog:

“My trip to Vancouver has been very rewarding so far. I’ve only been here for 7 days and already I’ve had 3 great leads. When me and my wing Mr. R arrived in Vancouver on Sunday my mind was aching to finally get back on the streets again. The winter in Calgary had been harsh, allowing me to mostly only do approaches in malls. For me it’s the wide open spaces, the fresh air and the sun shining down on me that makes street daygame so much more fun.

As soon as I’d dropped off the bags in the AirBnB I left the apartment and walked to the waterfront and it didn’t take me long to notice how much more for traffic there was, compared to Calgary. It took me three approaches to find a sweet pathologist from Texas who was here on a business trip for a couple of days. She wasn’t busy so I invited her for a coffee and treated it as if it was the first venue of a date. I told her that I’d pay for the coffee and that she could buy the beer later. The five verbal and physical escalation steps from Tom Torero have helped me a lot so far when it comes to keeping the conversation from getting too comfortable.

After half an hour we moved to a bar a couple of blocks away where I kept escalating. She said that she liked to dance west coast swing, so I told her to show me how it’s done. She found out that there was a dance meet up happening just a couple of blocks away. Before we went there though, she had to first show me the basic dance steps and what better place was there to do that than in her hotel room. Of course at this point I was thinking that things could go down right now. In the room we put on some music and danced around for about 10 minutes before I went in for the kiss.

She was still a bit uncomfortable so I backed off and said we should go. One block away from the dance venue she stopped me and said: “Look Robin, I haven’t been completely honest with you. I’m married.” At first I was panicking a little bit because I thought that she didn’t want to hook up anymore, but then I realised that she just wanted to be discrete. Some of the people at the dance venue knew that she was married and if I had been affectionate there, she would have looked like a slut. She was basically telling me “Yeah, I’m down to fuck, but let’s just keep it under the radar.”

We spent about an hour there before heading back too her room. Unfortunately I didn’t have condoms on me because in my wildest dreams I hadn’t thought that I would be getting a lay on my first day in Vancouver. It didn’t cross my mind to just quickly pop into a drug store or gas station. So the lay didn’t happen, but at least I’ve learned how to give a girl an amazing time in bed without fucking her.

Otherwise I’ve been on two dates with a 33 year old Brazilian Biologist who I also stopped on the street. We made out on the first date but I couldn’t get her back to my place. On the second date I was at least able to get her back to our apartment, but she would not let me go further than making out on the bed. Today I will be trying my luck with her once again.

On Friday I was kind of lazy and spent most of the day looking at cheesy tourist attractions. I did do 2 approaches of which one resulted in a solid number from a 28 year old Dutch Psychologist. One of my biggest sticking points were too short sets, so I really made sure that I stayed in there for at least 7 minutes. I closed strong and she said that she’d really like to see me again – massive green light.

Once again she was all dressed in black, a good thing to tease her on. Her complete outfit was very tight, giving me a glimpse of her athletic body. She was holding deep eye contact right from the beginning and I could feel how attracted she was to me. I noticed how fluid my dating model has become.

I used to do Tom’s five verbal escalation steps in the first venue and the five physical steps in the second venue,  but now I’ve learned to adjust it to our conversation and the topics we are talking about. For example, she was already making it very easy for me to touch her hands at the cafe, so I took that opportunity.

As we left the cafe, she asked where we were going and I told her I had booked a flight to Paris. The second  venue was an extremely crowded cocktail bar just across the street from the cafe. We couldn’t find our own table so we joined a small group at their table. Luckily they were mostly playing pool, so we had it to ourselves, more or less. We spoke about all kinds of different things and I made sure to move in closer while touching her hands, her back and her hair more often. I specifically didn’t go in for the kiss there to not burst the bubble and lose the tension.

Eventually we left the bar and I kissed her as soon as we were out of the door. No resistance. She asked where we were going and I told her that I’d show her the pictures of the pizza oven I had built (this has become my standard excuse, no questions have ever been asked) on my laptop.

I took my time in the apartment, but it was very straightforward. We both knew what was going to happen and what we wanted. And thank goodness, this time I was prepared. We made out on the couch and then I pulled her into the bedroom where we watched some Netflix and finally had sex. She was slow and sensual, just the way I like it. Later on I asked her when she had known that she would sleep with me. She said from the moment I had stopped her on the street. Don’t underestimate the power of the front stop! She pointed to a picture on the wall showing the Eiffel tower and said: “Looks like you took me to Paris after all”

One thought on “Vancouver Daygame Lay Report”

  1. Wow! What a fantastic lay report! Love the detail and the drive to improve, Rob! Looks like you’re even better than you thought, getting (nearly) all the way on your first might there! 😉 Good luck with the rest of your trip! Keep that momentum going!
    Tom, thank you for coaching your students, posting things like this, and being such an inspiration to young(and not so young) men everywhere! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing how empowering the skills that day-game teaches can be! It offers tools that build confidence, charisma and attraction.
    As a 24year old female, I’ve experienced a lot of men who are unable to create that attraction and tension through initial conversation, texting, or on a date. Day-game teaches men to take the lead – don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a terrible habit (and love) of leading – but I’ve experienced what an amazing time can be had when a man starts to make decisions and take care of things like logistics. Thank you, from the women of the world 😉

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