Why Vibe Is King: Lay Report

Hi Tom,

I know you get a lot of gushy thank you emails. This is another one I’m afraid.

I had recently emailed you about issues with excessive flaking. Last Saturday it reached a peak, where my vibe was garbage, and my wing called out that I was being “a bit of a fart.”

It was the first time I had to cut my day game session short after only 20 minutes. My vibe / mood or whatever you want to call it was completely fucked.

On Sunday I woke up, had a good breakfast and did a few things I had been putting off for a while. I was in a much better mood by mid afternoon.

I did three approaches and got three numbers within an hour. I texted all three, and all three replied. First time that’s happened in several months.

One of them eventually let me know she had a boyfriend, so that left me with two.

I set up a date with the second girl, a cute german 18yo, on Tuesday. This girl was what I would call “exactly my type.” Small frame, blonde and big green / olive eyes.

We went for one drink and a walk. I managed to bounce her to my place after that. Long story short, she gave me 2 hours of token LMR but I eventually got the lay. It was the first time I managed this after only one venue.

This is the type of girl I’ve always wanted to meet and have this kind of experience with, while truly believing I had missed my chance at 30. I managed to see her a couple more times over the following weekend, which was great.

The third girl, I’ve been on one date with and we kissed at the end. I will be seeing her again for a Day 2 this week, so hoping it goes well 🙂

I had to squeeze out every bit of advice from your content, on texting, verbal/physical escalation, pulling the trigger, and handling LMR. It all came together like clockwork and I’m grateful I stumbled upon your videos just over a year ago.

While there are obviously others that deliver similar content, your videos where the ones that broke it down and simplified to the point where I thought “I can do that”.

In summary, thanks.


2 thoughts on “Why Vibe Is King: Lay Report”

  1. Hey Tom could you do a video or podcast on how to build and maintain your vibe? Good vibe helps me do loads of approaches but with a poor vibe I usually can’t do any.

    1. That’s a very good subject indeed. One of the most important when you have a good level as you know if you feel good you will have a lay in the 20 approaches you do.

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