Smooth Same Day Lay Report

Hi Tom,

Just listened to your latest podcast so thought I would fire this across as you’ve asked for some other Same Day Lay (SDL) reports, wouldn’t say it’s anything ‘crazy’ but it’s definitely a testament to daygame being ‘like riding a bike’.

Around March last year I’d just moved to London to start my new job and had recently broken up with my ex (who I’d also met through daygame) and it was the perfect catalyst for getting back into daygame. Years before I’d been hitting the streets hard but around academic studies during my final year at university (2015-16) I decided to go the ‘relationship-route’ so that I could focus on what I needed to do at the time. Once I’d graduated and the relationship had ended and I was moving to London however, it was the perfect time to dust of my boots and get back out there.

My first session was on a Saturday and all I wanted to do was just get in a single approach, that would be considered victory after around 18 months with no development of my daygame skillset. As it turned out, I did around 4 approaches that day after the initial AA from the first approaches makes you realise it’s really not a big deal. So I went home with a couple of numbers from those approaches and that was that.

The second session I did the next day on the┬áSunday, I headed back out and was ambling down the street as usual, and I noticed walking on the opposite side of the road going the opposite way was an attractive Asian-looking girl (usually my type). I was debating whether to go in for it (AA strikes again), but then just thought the usual ‘fuck it’ and went for it.

After opening her with the usual opener, the first thing I noticed was the dreamy look in her eyes and the intense eye contact she had with me. I can’t remember much of what we talked about but essentially she said that:

– She’d just landed earlier that morning from Singapore

– She was visiting London by herself for the week

– She had just left her hotel to go out and explore the city

Even from being out of the game for as long as I had been, I could see those green flags waving.

I basically said to her that I was free for a few hours before I had to go meet some friends so why don’t we grab a coffee? She was up for it so we went to the nearby Starbucks, got our drinks and just started walking. The whole time in my head though I was thinking that this was an SDL opportunity, but I’d never done one before so it really was an on-the-fly “how the fuck am I going to pull this off?” moment.

The first decision I made was to start walking in the general direction of my flat, as we were about a 25 minute walk and it was feasible without using any transport. It was a nice day so we went to a nearby park on the river (I was in Hammersmith at the time) and just lay on the grass and just kept talking. All the while I’m keeping in mind the end goal, and as a result spiking up the conversation accordingly with the usual ‘looking for tattoos’ (I’ve got a few) and ‘comparing skin tans’ (given that she was from Singapore) physical escalation techniques.

I then suggested that we go to another park (getting ever closer to my flat haha) and to pick up some ciders on the way (telling her that you have to drink cider if you come to England, it’s one of the Queens Golden Rules, etc, etc) so we do that and get some alcohol going in the next park that’s now only 5 minutes walk from mine.

After we’d finished, I said I needed to use the bathroom (which I did) and that I didn’t live too far away so I said lets go to mine quick and she didn’t have any issue with it.

On the walk there I did some last minute verbal bamboozling to really bed things down and to keep her mind occupied, so just started talking about my family and that sort of thing and we went straight into mine.

In the flat, it wasn’t long before I’d whipped out my… guitar and started to teach her how to play, getting her to do the strumming whilst I did the chords, then I just started to slowly touch her and physically escalate and the rest is history really, not any LMR to speak of.

So from approach to lay it was around 2 hours, not the quickest SDL by any means but definitely something I’m proud of given how I had been out of the game for so long and I’d never done one before.

Anyway, keep having a top time in the van! As soon as the spring/summer hits and you really get into a routine with your van life you’re going to be having the absolute time of your life (although I have no doubt you already are). I drove from London to Mongolia and back again after graduating in a Nissan Micra and slept in the car most of the way so I know the freedom it gives you but also how rough it can get (at least you’ve got a bed though!)

All the best,


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