Czech Mate: Craig Cassidy Lay Report

A longtime wing, friend and fellow coach Craig Cassidy sent me this lay report to add to the growing collection of titillating tales on the blog. He’s just returned from Prague where he was teaching a 1-on-1 residential for me. If you’d like infield daygame coaching with him in London or Europe then drop me an email ( to find out more.  

Craig’s new opener

“It was the third day of my residential in Prague.

The student and I were sat in a cafe on Na Prikope, drinking a beer and reflecting on the previous night’s antics in Roxy nightclub. I’d been on a date to nowhere when I received a text from the student saying he’d hit the clubs so I sacked my date off and joined him for a short while before bouncing a nerdy English student home for a grotty Same Night Lay.

The student had stayed out and ended up bouncing a hooker home unbeknownst to him and whilst we were laughing about that fact, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a cute blonde girl saunter past wearing a large puffy red coat. My spider senses starting tingling.

I immediately put my beer down and gave chase, much to the amusement of my student and the rest of the customers on nearby tables who watched on as I stopped the girl and launched into my usual daygame patter.

It turned out the girl was a student living in Prague but was from Kyrgyzstan and lit up when I teased her about knowing Borat and how she must have grown up in a tipi with a pet goat. She was studying business but had a passion for classical music and was outwardly sweet and innocent which may have caused some daygamers to assume she was a “good girl.” However, I noted the fact she’d left a predominantly Muslim country at a young age to move to Prague on her own to embrace a Western lifestyle and that she had a couple of fairly large tattoos which gave me confidence that she may be open to a nomadic lover.

After taking her number, I returned to my student and debriefed him on what happened and told him that as I only had a few days left in the city, I had to act fast in trying to set up the date. I sent my initial text a few hours after meeting and by the end of the day we’d agreed to meet the next evening for a coffee.

I’d suggested a drink but she told me that she had to work a night shift so she couldn’t drink alcohol. I decided that on the first date I’d play it safe and run a two date model. Most of last year I really pushed for first date lays and whilst I ended up with a high lay count at the end of the year, I dread to think about the amount of leads I burned by pushing too fast.

We met at 7pm outside New Yorker, the famous meeting place on the main daygame street in Prague and we went to a nearby coffee shop after a brief walk through the beautiful Old Town Square. The date itself was fairly relaxed, I mainly focused on creating rapport and getting to know each other but making sure I didn’t fall too much into Nice Guy mode.

She turned out to be a really cool girl and was great fun to be around which kind of threw me off my seducer vibe a bit and I ended up weaselling myself out of attempting the kiss at the end of the date. I was pretty annoyed at myself but was confident that she liked me enough to come out on a second date, knowing the next day was my last day in the city.

Luckily the daygame gods were on my side and she didn’t have work the next night and agreed to meet me for drinks this time.

Again we met at New Yorker but I’d had to push the date back a bit later as I’d got caught listening to a student on an Instant Date. She didn’t seem to mind and said that she’d just spend the extra hour singing and dancing while she got ready (a good sign).

She was already waiting for me at New Yorker when I got there and this time she’d dressed up (another good sign). I’d researched the two venues I was going to take her to ahead of time, the second being a 5 minute walk from the apartment. My plan was two venues, two drinks, then bounce, the classic date model.

By the second venue the vibe was definitely on but she seemed a bit shy, I’d still not kissed her but the bubble was building and I felt like it was the right time to bounce her home. On the way back to the apartment she threw a curve ball saying that she was hungry and wanted to show me this cool restaurant. I decided to roll with it knowing I had all night but just to make sure I tried to kiss her on the street to see where I was at. She accepted the kiss and so I went with her to the restaurant, which turned out to be this awesome place that served beers to your table via a mini-railway system. She’d obviously put some thought into showing me that place and it was a nice touch.

I didn’t eat but sipped on my beer as she had her food. After she finished eating we were sat playing with each others hands, her wearing one of my rings and just enjoying each others company. I knew it was time to go and suggested we go back to mine for another drink. She paid the bill and we left for my apartment which was only a short walk away.

Back at the apartment I made sure not to jump on her immediately and we led on the bed watching YouTube videos of some of my past trips and her showing me some of the classical music she liked. In between videos we would passionately makeout but she wouldn’t let me escalate any further. I could sense she was probably a bit shy rather than a game player so continued in classic two steps forward, one back fashion.

By about 4am I was shattered. I knew it wasn’t going to happen right then so suggested we got to bed and get some rest. She agreed and took off her clothes, borrowing one of my t-shirts to sleep in. An hour later at around 5am, I woke up super horny and started kissing her neck and letting my hands wander.

This time she fully reciprocated and was dripping wet, kissing and biting my neck. She took off her underwear and we proceeded to have loud, passionate sex which I was surprised to hear that my student managed to sleep through! We fell asleep immediately after and a few short hours later I had to get up and check out of the apartment.

Kissing her goodbye drew to a close  another crazy week of teaching daygame in a foreign city and although personally I had a great week, I was glad that my student got to see how learning the skill of daygame can result in you having some epic adventures with some awesome girls.”


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