A Near Miss Same Day Lay Report

Thanks to Johannes, a former student from Helsinki for this near-miss Same Day Lay story which happened in May 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. Daygamers who hit the streets regularly will empathise with the Princess Behaviour and frame battles, the dangers of over-escalation without isolation and the torture of blue balls with a girl who’s masterful at cock teasing:

6th May, 2016
Budapest, Hungary

Today I enjoyed daygaming in the university district of Budapest. After a while I moved on to the centre and to the main tourist street (Vaci). I spotted a sporty girl that was swinging her tight ass like a proper salsa dancer. She was walking fast but I decided stop her. She responded right away positively when I went into describing her salsa dancer walk.

First interesting thing happened when after 1-2 minutes she asked for my Facebook but I ignored it and continued talking. Soon after she continued leading and invited me to sit with her by the fountain. I thought for a second about the frame thing but concluded that as long as she leads to right direction, I can let her lead a bit.

Her English wasn’t great but as happens many times, it did improve while she talked more and more. She wasn’t shy at all to use it. She was physical and flirty from the get go. I love interactions where girl is full of feminine energy and talks a lot. I just needed to lead conversation to the right direction, giving a playful stoic masculine polarity to her femininity.

I suggested having beers on the bank of Danube and she happily complied. The next surprise was that she insisted to pay for both our drinks in the store. She had told me about her life and that her family was very rich. We sat on a bench and she continued telling me about her life like daddy issues and how important her work was to her. She had some pride about her independent lifestyle and also important things she cared about, which I appreciated.

It started to rain a bit so I started move her closer to my apartment and we went for drinks to a bar nearby. We went to the back of the bar and sat on sofas. First she didn’t accept me sitting next to her, so we sat opposite each other and continued talking about life in general and about her ex-boyfriends. How she was caring for animals in the shelters. She showed plenty of sexy model shoot pictures of her but I remained unaffected. I kept saying that I wanted her to be a normal girl, and that she needed to be real with me.

The conversation was getting naturally more sexual and there was sexual tension. Finally, I moved next to her and we looked at more of her pictures. She pushed herself into me. Eventually she put her legs on top of mine and kissed me on the neck. Soon after we started kissing. She was coming onto me pretty hard. I knew that I needed to cool things down. She was pushing for physical escalation and I was trying to build rapport and not be carried away with make outs. At this point her hands were on my crotch. She was very concerned if there was cameras in the bar and she turned off the lights in the back part of the bar. She stroked my cock and my hands were all over her also rubbing her clit.

I knew that I needed to move the interaction but she was completely opposed to coming to my place. Same time she was talking dirty but asking if I think Hungarian girls are easy. Finally, I said unambiguously “let’s go” and she followed. Again she insisted that she wanted to pay the whole bill. I took her to the metro station but she refused to use it. So I decided to keep walking with talking about the destination. My place was at this point 20 minutes’ walk away. After some walking we sat down in a church park and I fingered her to orgasm. She realized that we were in the wrong side of the city. I told her that I would walk her to her place but first I needed to use the toilet and grab some fruit at my place.

When we were walking to my home street she refused to walk down the street as her current fuckbuddy was living on the street. Finally, she complied and went to my place. I went to the toilet, put some music on and started to eat my mandarin very slowly. We started kissing, she grabbed me and started to suck my dick. All the time she was warm and cold. One moment it was on and other moment off, I remained calm, gave her space and then went for it again. Suddenly, she pulled down her pants and bend over my kitchen table. Then she suddenly stopped me and said that we couldn’t do this and put her pants up. To be honest my dick was also at this point tired of all the hours of cock teasing that had happened. I met her 3 pm and I started to walk her home at 10 pm.

Throughout the evening she asked about other girls I been seeing and I told her openly. She said that it was good for guys to have several girls so they won’t be needy but for girls it’s better to be only with one guy. She insisted that we change contact details, both numbers and Facebook. I had no expectations about this as she seemed very impulsive. I tried to build a deep connection and she did cry a bit when I called out that she tried to protect herself by being strong. We will see if the connection built was strong enough that we will see each other again.

I lost a lot of frame battles but I still managed to lead the overall interaction and provide the masculine opposite to her strong femininity. One example of a frame battle was that we were walking next to the road and I was by the road side as it’s normal for guys to do. When she noticed that she demanded to change, I explained the custom her. But she said that women should be on the road side and dogs or bitches on the other side. I changed the position a few times but she became so angry that I decided that it wasn’t worth it. Lose the battle to win the war. If we meet again, I do have to work to keep my frame strong for details like this.

3 thoughts on “A Near Miss Same Day Lay Report”

  1. Great daygame story regardless of how it ended.

    I like how you didn’t react to her closing you in the beginning of the set. I haven’t seen such fast closes leading anywhere. Had the same situation yesterday.

  2. all reg flags
    #daddy issue
    #crying to manipulate
    #feminine but strong holding frame to the point of you feel compulsive

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