Daygame Lay Report: A Flying Fuck

“Hi Tom,

I have just finished FaceTiming an old lead of mine who lives over in Mexico and thought I would share part of this story with you after listening to your latest podcast.

Rewind 3 years almost to spring 2015. I am walking down near Victoria train station in London and spot a petite cute little blonde girl strolling along with her suitcase. Fuck it, I jogged down and stopped her and immediately she had the biggest smile on her face. She was a Mexican girl living and studying in Ireland but visiting a friend in London. Unfortunately she was on her way to the airport but I managed to get a Facebook close and left with a little grin on my face.

After a couple of days she gave me her WhatsApp and after a couple weeks of cheeky texts & flirting she arranged to fly back to London to spend the weekend with me. Sitting at Victoria Station on the Friday night she was due to meet me, waiting for the Gatwick express to pull in, I still had it in my head that she wouldn’t come and it would most probably be a flake.

5, 10, 20 minutes went by and eventually there she was standing in front of me. We got the tube back to where I live in Zone 2 and went straight to a few local bars for drinks. It wasn’t long before we was dancing and having fun and then kissing. As the night drew to a close we headed back to mine for the lay. We spent the weekend out and about in London before she caught her flight (and hopefully nothing else) back home to Ireland on the Sunday. She has not been back since but after speaking on FaceTime tonight she is planning her next visit to see me. Three years later she still calls me by her nickname for me when we first met, her “cheeky boy.”

I’ve come a long way on my daygame journey and it is by no means complete or anywhere near the end, but through the highs and lows this will always be a memory that will stick with me forever.

This is a perfect example of what is possible and one of the many crazy things that can happen through daygame. I would never of imagined that a stranger I met on the street would fly back and spend the weekend with me two weeks later.


One thought on “Daygame Lay Report: A Flying Fuck”

  1. To the author of this story: Good for you, bro. Good for you.

    To Tom: Even tho my personal game sucks, thanks for the consistent knowledge and experience.

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