Forebrain vs Hindbrain Lay Report

lay report


An interesting lay report from a local daygamer I met up with in Riga, Latvia who goes by the name St Robert. You can follow more of his adventures here.

“I opened her in late January in Galerija Centrs mall in the heart of Riga. She was a flamenco dancer who’s studying to become an artist. As I told my usual “I stopped you because I really like the way you look. But you seem interesting. Another time we’re gonna go for some wine”, she said she has a boyfriend. “I do too” worked perfect.

A week later we met to go for some wine. As we went in my favorite date location, she rushed out. There was a strong lavender scent which caused her to have a panic attack. Turn out she sometimes has them.

She felt bad and didn’t want to ruin the date. After she calmed down I told we can either go back in or just grab a bottle of wine and go to mine. It was a bold move but it worked.

She put on some Russian “Serebro” pop music while I opened the wine. Which she decided not to drink and wanted some tea.

I treated it as a regular date and escalated as usual. She didn’t go for any physical escalation. Even getting to a kiss took a long time.

From time to time her boyfriend texted to know where she was. She was at a bar with her friends. After a while she called him to tell him she just got home and was gonna take a shower and go to sleep.

Interesting parts:

  1. She complained guys stopped pushing it once they found out she has a bf
  2. She has been on a date with another guy who stopped her on a street. While she had the same bf.

Her body language and other non-verbals said she wanted it. Her logical brain kept stopping her.

It was late, we had finished the bottle of wine and I said she could stay overnight if she behaved. “And it doesn’t mean we’re gonna have sex.” She sent a text to her mother saying “I won’t be home”. I later found out the mother replied with “It is a mistake”.

As always, I told her I don’t have any t-shirts. We went to bed. I didn’t do anything for the first 5 minutes and then…well it was an explosion. She went for it full throttle.

And…just as we finished her “moral hangover” started.

Turns out this was the first time she cheated. The other daygamer she went out with was uncalibrated and didn’t get the lay.

Main take-aways:

  1. Keep going for the number if she has a bf;
  2. Non-verbals > verbals;
  3. Calibration, calibration, calibration(push-pull)”

3 thoughts on “Forebrain vs Hindbrain Lay Report”

  1. Your frame was superior to her logical brain. Her body wanted you.

    When your frame over a girl is very powerful, she won’t even bother to say she has a boyfriend when she has one.

    1. I totally agree with frame being one of the most important things here.

      I’ve had cases when they say it during the set. I’ve had cases when that comes up at a date. And when it comes up back at mine.

  2. Your situation was kinda similar to me, but my 1st lay was going out with a silent boyfriend, she just kept silent during the date. I thought she’s uninterested by not saying much indeed her body just DOING the job for her.

    That was also one of the big realizations of me about women. Listen to what they do, not what they say.

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