Progress Report From Charlie (+ Lay Report)


Charlie’s one of the guys on the Beginner’s Guide To Daygame video from the summer of 2016. Here’s a progress report with stats and a lay report that he emailed me a few days ago:

“I started off this year a bit disappointed by my recent lack of daygame approaches so I spontaneously decided to go travelling around the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland from early February to Mid April since these countries all contained my favourite nationalities of girls. My main goal was to get my daygame skills consistently good because I would normally have to get a train to London once a week to achieve a good volume to practice on (since I live in a small city), however in the back of my mind I was feeling hopeful about getting some notches under my belt.

I spent a bit of time in the Netherlands and ended up laying a girl who I’d met previously in the UK from night game. She was really friendly and a cool/fun person but I just wasn’t that into her and felt I could do a lot better. A few weeks into the trip, and I was getting lots of numbers in Prague but getting girls to come out was another issue entirely. There were points where I was thinking “what the hell am I even doing here?” sitting alone in my Prague Airbnb, texting all these numbers which would result in girls cancelling dates at the last minute.

I took a few days off to relax and then met up with Tom and a whole bunch of other local daygamers (who’d been doing it for a really long time with fantastic results) in Poland who gave me advice and helped to give me the push I needed to keep at it with the approaches. I was now getting more girls on dates and even managed to get a lay with a really nice polish girl from a bit of drunken night game. However I was there for the daygame and after showing other daygamers my text exchanges it became obvious that my texts were too logical and boring and a lot of the time I wouldn’t invite the girl out until it was too late.

It was the second to last week of my trip and I thought fuck it. No more boring logical text exchanges. Just invite her out after a few exchanges. I went out to the town centre and saw a girl with long flowing hair and camouflage style leggings and thought to myself “oh this is perfect”. I went up and approached her and compared her colourful rainbow socks to her leggings and said that maybe she couldn’t decide what outfit to wear that day. It turned out she was a beautiful Ukrainian girl studying in the city. She hooked fairly soon and I told her a bit about myself while asking about her to keep things grounded. I told her I would like to take her out for a drink and then we exchanged numbers.

Over text she asked “Do you always talk to girls in the street?” to which I replied “Only the ones wearing crazy outfits ;)” About one text later I invited her out and she happily agreed. I told her to bring the crazy outfit and I would bring the English charm.

We met at the first venue for some ice cold Polish beers. We had a bit of normal chit chat while I began weaving in questions, dialling things up whilst fractionating. At one point I felt the conversation dying a little bit and she was starting to lose interest. I went to the toilet when I came back she was texting on her phone for about a minute so I began to text people on my phone, keeping this up even after she finished on hers. This immediately got her investing more. I then decided to bounce her to the next venue, this one being darker and more intimate.

She sat next to me, and I started comparing hand sizes and getting her to show her tattoo. I would fractionate this by showing her pictures on my phone of me and my family/friends and talking about travelling/different countries we’d been to. At a certain point I felt that she was extremely comfortable around me. I lifted her legs up over mine so that she was lying across me and then went in for the kiss. I made sure to pull away before she did and not kiss too much (simple mistakes that I had made in the past which had killed the sexual tension). I then felt that it was time to seal the deal so I suggested a movie at mine. No objections!

We went back to mine whilst having normal chit chat. I can leave what happened next to your imagination. +1

It was a fantastic night. My daygame/dating skills had reached another level. It has definitely been a roller-coaster of a trip. At this point my stats this year are as follows:  129 cold approaches, 46 numbers, 8 dates, 2 kisses and 1 lay (from daygame cold approach). I feel that’s ok for a beginner transitioning into intermediate. My goal now is to get that number below 100 whilst retaining that same quality of beautiful/feminine girls.”

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