Two Set Daygame Lay Report

Two Set Daygame Lay Report


A blast from the past with this lay report emailed from Mr F who I did a residential with in Prague in 2013. How young and innocent we were, cheers for the memories Mr F, stay horny 😉 

“I had been doing daygame on and off for 2 years in London before I bit the bullet and took a five day residential with Tom in Prague CZ. I told him that I wanted to be pushed as I was getting laid but only with girls the same SMV as me and I had anxiety to do opens in any situation that wasn’t front stopping girls alone.

It’s fair to say my anxiety was through the roof when I met him under the clock in the old town square on our first day. I was scared to meet him because I’d watched his videos and been watching Girlfriend Sequence on repeat. But he was very chill and soon calmed me down. The thing I remember the most is his eye contact to everyone, kind of strong and intense but cheeky and fun.

We did 5 hours infield a day in two sessions, talking to ten or more girls every day. I remember being knackered from all the walking, the sun and the high pressure sets in stores, girls in parks sunbathing and even some on the “beach” by the river.

On the third day we had finished getting numbers and went for a beer in a bar in the old square. As we were going to walk in Tom opened a two set of American Erasamus girls who were sitting on a bench opposite the entrance taking photos. He waved for me to come over and I did what he’d taught me the day before with talking to the friend of the main one he was next to. Both girls were age 20 and cute from Texas. His one was louder but prettier but I wasn’t complaining with mine.

He told them to join us for a drink which they did and then in the men’s toilets we had a planning chat about what to do. Stay together in the bar and then Tom would go outside with his girl to smoke and get a kiss when I would try to kiss mine in the bar.

I remember a group of Spanish guys trying to cock block by asking the girls to dance and the girls staying with us. We played table football, drank more beers and Tom kissed his girl at the bar when they went to get more drinks. Mine was more shy but she held my hand so that was a good sign. The girls were way more confident than I’m used to but Tom bantered hard and I did the comfort so it was good cop bad cop.

We walked them up to Wenceslas Square where the apartment was so we could “show them the balcony” and then it got awkward in the living room as I missed Tom’s signals to split up into our bedrooms. He was sending me text messages telling me what to do but I didn’t check my phone until later.

After a bit Tom just got up and took his girl into the kitchen to “get food.” He didn’t come back and I heard music and naughty noises from his room so I knew I had to escalate with my girl even though she was quieter. I turned up the tv in my room and tried to go for it but she’d only kiss and hug. I texted Tom back and he replied to say to tell her to sleep over.

We sleep but in the morning I woke up with her hugging me and our clothes on the floor so I went for it again and this time it was easy. Later we all sat on the balcony looking out onto the street and talking like nothing had happened. Tom wanted to go out later and daygame again but I was a wreck so we had a rest day with me walking around with a big smile on my face.”

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  1. Feels like yesterday how time flies. I’m ashamed to say I’ve had 5 months off game because of various work and family things but its hotting up in London so going to jump back in. Keep on smashing it Tom, thanks.

  2. Tommy boy, I will write up the 2set lay story from Sydney when I did the coaching with you if you want (if you remember haha) it was few years ago now brother. Cheers Aidan

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