Black Sheep Bandit Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Black Sheep Bandit video series covering my nomadic daygame and dating adventures in the mobile passion wagon. Today I give you a tour of love shack and answer your questions about the panty-dropping van.


MAIN VAN COSTS (excluding labour): 

Citron Relay L2H2, 2015, with 2 litre diesel engine (£9000)

270 watt roof solar panel and x2 130 amp leisure batteries with inverter (£950)

CRX50 12 v fridge (£500)

Reclaimed wood (£500)

30 litre under slung LPG system (£485)

Propex HS2000 gas heater with thermostat (£480)

Propex Malaga 5 water heater (£380)

Pipsqueak mini wood burning stove (£200)

Power supply unit with built in split charger (£180)

70 litre under slung fresh water tank  (£180)

60 litre under slung waste water tank (£180)

Thetford portable toilet (£65)

TOTAL: £13,100*

* You could do a van conversion for much cheaper but I’m living in mine full time and treated it like an investment (its value is already a lot more). 

5 thoughts on “Black Sheep Bandit Episode 3”

  1. Hi Tom. You are living the dream. Congrats! Hope you don’t mind me asking, how much did van conversion cost? Also, how much time do you spend in a van? Do you ever get bored and book a hotel for a change?

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