High Social Pressure Daygame Lay Report

High Social Pressure Daygame Lay Report


A high pressure daygame lay report from Mr W all about overcoming the Spotlight Effect and putting yourself in uncomfortable hustling situations. High risk, high reward 😉 

“I started out in pickup over 10 years ago having read The Game in 2008, initially learning Mystery Method but over the last few years I have started to lean more towards daygame, in order to chase hotter girls. Also, the loud nightclub environment was taking a toll on my hearing and body in general.

Recently I came out of a LTR and decided to dive into the deep end going on a solo 2 week euro bang mission during the time I had between switching jobs back home. Usually before any euro trip, I tend to warm up for 2 weeks in my home city so I can hit the ground running when I land. But sadly, because I booked this 2 week trip to Croatia a few days before actually flying out, I didn’t have time to brush the cobwebs off. Instead, I decided I would literally start gaming the moment I woke up for my flight.

Having opened a few sets on the way to the airport, I started to feel good. Just then, as I waited in line for airport security, I clock a really stunning black haired, olive skinned girl, with a peachy ass. A solid 9 and just my type. I open direct after positioning myself next to her in the line and we banter for a couple of minutes and I feel a sexual spark, but we get separated all of a sudden and we both end up going through security at different points.

Furthermore, I get stopped for a random security check. I think “just my luck!” Sure enough, by the time I am let out of the other side, she is nowhere to be seen.

I head towards my gate and play the situation over in my head. I then remember she mentioned she was heading to Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since I had an hour to kill, I decide to check out her gate number and head over, to build a couple more minutes of comfort, and number close.

Upon arriving at her gate, I noticed a huge bunch of people standing up to board the plane and she is already standing in the line, with people closely in front and behind her.

I remember thinking, this is way too much social pressure. This is like spotlight theory at its hardest. So, I slunk away, but I have adrenaline running through my veins. I message a close wing of mine, who messages me back instantly telling me to do it. “Either it’s going to be a great story or a funny one! You have nothing to lose. PUSH YOURSELF!”

With that in mind, I decide to go back. I remember noticing how quiet the line was which made me feel extremely anxious, as I hadn’t done a high social pressure approach like this in a while. But I decide to pull the trigger anyways by tapping her on the shoulder, and to my surprise she greets me warmly with a hug. Everyone turns around to listen thinking I’m trying to cut the line, but I block everyone out and fixate my eyes on her.

I say, “Hey, I know this is random, but I just had to find you again because I didn’t want to end the conversation so abruptly, plus I wanted to know, how long you were going away for?”

She replied and told me she was going away for 2 weeks, at which point I pulled out my phone and number closed her. My hands were shaking which was crazy as I’ve done tonnes of approaches, but I guess I’ve never done anything on this level, with a crowd of 200 passengers watching me.

To make matters worse, as I walk away an onlooker shouts “nice one mate” while a few people close by who listen to the whole thing start clapping! I remember feeling like I was on Cloud 9, and I hadn’t even taken off to Croatia yet.

Fast forward 2 weeks, I drop her a text and she agrees to meet for drinks one evening.

I had planned to take her to 2 bars, with the 2nd venue in a more dimly lit bar, closer to my house as advised by Uncle Tom himself in Street Hustle.

Just as we get drinks, and sit outside in the patio, a drunken lady interrupts and asks for a cigarette but just keeps talking and asks if we are a couple. I handle it gracefully, and then cut her out and retake over the situation. After the first drinks are done, I bounce her straight to the second bar for cocktails.

During the 2nd bar, I find out that she is from Bosnia (a heavily conservative Muslim country) which made me think a one-night stand was out the question because of a limiting belief I had (the K myth).

But after prodding deeper, I found out she was bi-sexual which perked my ears up again. I started lacing sexual spikes into the conversation and bounced her back to mine under the pretence of showing her “photos of my recent trip to Cuba as well as smoking a Cuban cigar”. I deliberately held off kissing her in the bar because I preferred not to burst the sexual bubble l had created until we were back at mine.

When we got to my place, I tried going for the make out, but she refused, giving me her cheek. She then confessed, that she was kind of seeing a girl and that’s who she had flown out to see in Ljubljana for the last 2 weeks.

I felt deflated, but also slightly drunk and I remember thinking, why is this girl here? Surely, she must still like me, so I decided to commit and run the train anyways because I realised I had nothing to lose at this point.

So, after we finished smoking the Cuban cigar, I lead her to my room and get her to sit on my bed. We end up making out but the token LMR hyena rears its head and she stops me. I decide to roll off, stick on a playlist of songs, and when I rock back in bed, I think to myself WWTD (What would Tom do). Then it hits me… GYDO (Get Your Dick Out!)

Let’s just say there was a happy ending to the story shortly after 😉 and this still remains to be one of my most memorable daygame lay reports.

Couldn’t have done it without your wise words of wisdom over the years, Uncle Tom!

So, I’m raising my glass of Havana Club to you right now as I write this.

Tomorrow I fly out for another Euro trip, and you bet your ass I’ll be approaching in the airport again 😉

Mr K”

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