Czech Salsa Dancer Daygame Lay Report

Czech Salsa Dancer Daygame Lay Report


Cheers to Mr B from Scotland for emailing me this horny hustling lay report from June 2014 after his first 6 months infield.

It’s a good example of getting past the nice-conversational-friendly-daygamer stage to something far more flirty and filthy. 

“Today was my first daygame session this month and fuck me did AA come back.  I was nervous all day even before travelling to town as I knew what I had to face, so I told myself I’ll do 5 warm up sets and embrace the awkwardness.  As I’ve not done any daygame for a while I felt that what I was doing was weird and not normal, so I knew I had to push myself into sets and normalise it again.  I open 2 sets, the first one immediately blows me out and the next, a stationary set, chats for a few minutes before telling me she is waiting on her bf, so I bounce out.  Due to my DG immersion this year, almost reaching 400 approaches, it doesn’t take long to get back into the swing of things when I’ve had a break.  These two approaches were enough to get my head back in the game and reduce the massive AA I had.  I stroll down the main street with a sharp eye.

The Approach
She glides past, hips swinging and legs out, complimented by a bright summer skirt, black shades and sexy heels giving off a real bad bitch image.  I hesitate due to intimidation but dive in for the sake of a warmup.  She looks Spanish due to a glazing tan and long brunette hair.  I open and naturally chat away (dropping the training wheels and not pre-thinking before sets).  She is from Czech Republic to my surprise, an accountant here to better her English and what a sexy European accent she had.  I’m expecting her to walk away as she is a solid 8 and looks a bit older which intimidates me, but the conversation naturally flows onto more topics and she laughs at my teasing.  I ask her to remove her sunglasses where she revels deep brown eyes with a sexual desire.  I feel a spark go off inside me and my natural biological instincts kick in as we seem to connect sexually.

After 10 mins of chat I suggest coffee.   She immedicably agrees so we grab some Americanos and sit at the top of high steps in the sun, looking over the busy shopping street.  The whole interaction flows so natural with me teasing and building comfort, and her telling me about herself.  I spiked it up with some compliments on how sexy her legs are and find out she is a salsa dancer, lived here for one month, has no bf or kids and… she is 30!  Wow I would never have guessed.  Normally I’d be very intimated by older woman as I’m only 20, but this set was so natural, and she was really into me.  As I’ve been doing night game lately physicality is easy to establish.  In daygame your more inclined to have nice conversations rather than physically escalate which separates entertainer from seducer.  I’d recommend beasting the night club scene to practice more high energy and physical interactions as it makes daygame seem so chilled and less intimating.  I hold her hand, touch her legs and put my arm over her shoulder to pull her in. MAKEOUT. I reached a new level of game by making out with a sexy older woman from a distant European country after meeting her 20mins ago. FUCK YES!

I feel a Same day Lay is on the cards so start to seed logistics.  She lives with a flatmate 20mins away but is expecting a Skype call from her mum later.  I bounce for beers where we walk through the sunny streets, pulling her in with my arm over her shoulder.  In the seduction location (bar) she buys two beers and we sit close in a dark corner.  The place is dead as its mid-day, so things get sexual with strong eye contact, lots of touching and make outs.  I continue to build comfort whilst seeding going back to her place.  The full i-date flows nicely and I can tell this girl is DTF.  30mins later I walk her to the train station, hand in hand we stroll through the sunny streets as I tease her, make sexual jokes, fluff talk, and I occasionally kiss her to turn her on.  Two people who have just met walking through the city like a couple, making out in front of hundreds of passers-by, that’s a ‘We Bubble’ right there.  At the train station I think ‘fuck it!’ and tell her we’re going back to hers as I walk towards her train.  She objects but I sense she wants to; ‘I’ve just met you, it’s too fast… I’m going to kiss you and leave but we’ll go out again’.  I’m determined to push this as far as possible so I plow on and tell her that we must keep the party going, providing a time constraint that I can’t stay long.  I can see her logic and emotion battling it out right before my eyes but in the end, she sticks to her guns.  We passionately kiss before she goes for her train and I head out for more daygame.

I didn’t text this girl until a week later as I was intimidated at the thought of the age gap, how hot she was and the fact I ran the train which may have turned her off, but I send a ping text anyway and to my surprise she immediately responds saying she is free the next day.  Good signs!  I kept texting minimalistic to the point of meeting up with no bullshit chat in-between.

We meet at 3pm after I done a few hours of daygame.  The sun’s out and with the Commonwealth games here in Scotland the streets are packed.  We bounce for some smoothies before I test out my secret romantic spot.  Down a side alley in the city centre lies an art museum hidden to the world, in this art museum a spiral staircase unwinds taking you up to a tower gazing over the full city.  After climbing the stairs with banter and physicality we are met with a blue sky and the sounds of a busy metropolis below. She loves it, I love it!  We make out heavily and if not for the fact there were other people around we could have fucked then and there.  There’s a strong sexual connection established now and both of us are having fun.  She was impressed by the tower and thanks me for showing her.

I bounce to a beer garden to chill out in the sun and have some drinks.  After a while things hit that point of staleness where her buying temperature is high enough and we are waiting for me to lead to a sex location.  I scan logistics, with her telling me her flatmate is out and she is free all night.  Good news.  She tells me of a salsa bar she loves which happens to be in the direction of her flat, we walk there with constant physicality, comfort chat and banter along the way.  The sun is shining as we pass through the crowd infested streets.  Once at the salsa bar she buys us a round as I think of ways to get to her place.  In the end I lay my cards on the table and tell her we should go back. She agrees without any resistant to my surprise, perks of dating an older woman who knows what she wants rather than fucking around.


At the flat the vibe turns awkward as we both know what’s going to happen but again she wants me to lead.  I get nervous.  We chill out for a bit, drinking rum and coke as she shows me Facebook pics.  An escalation move I’ve been wanting to try is pinning the girl against the wall with your full body pressing against her tits and letting her feel your hard dick against her, whilst locking both her hands above her head against the wall with one of your own, giving you a free hand to escalate with.  She goes into the kitchen to top up our drinks, after a few seconds of hesitation I overcome the nerves, stand up, follow her in and do ‘the move’, pushing her against the fridge.  It worked wonders and she’s breathing heavily.  The masculine domination has her sub-missed.  We make out heavily as our body’s grind together.  Her hands wander down my jeans and grab my hard dick as I lift her dress and squeeze her tight ass.  I stop all making out, take her by the hand and walk out of the kitchen towards her bedroom without saying a word or even looking back at her.  Leading like a boss.

The Sex
I was taken by surprise at her tight body; abs, perky tits, firm ass. She may have been 30 but the salsa dancing has kept her in prime condition looking better than most hot 21-year olds. With the experience of being 30 and the salsa moves this girl knew how to look sexy and fuck good.  I spent the whole night at hers fucking and again in every room in the flat the next morning.  It was passionate, rough, wild and wet. She loved anal and being bent over her open window facing the street below.  A true sexual goddess who has taught my young 20-year-old self many a thing during our short-lived experience together.

Finally, after months of graft I’ve got my first daygame lay and probably the best lay I’ve ever had.  This pickup was my best yet, all the skills I’ve developed and lessons I’ve learned through continuous failure has come together to create something beautiful.

Mr B”

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