Toilet Pull Daygame Lay Report

Toilet Pull Daygame Lay Report


A wild Same Day (De)Lay report from a London daygamer called Mr O who you might remember hearing telling the story on Podcast 100. Lay reports like this are real Secret Society stuff which should push beginner and intermediate daygamers to the try for faster notches in lover mode.

The girl in this report is a teacher, married and from Ukraine, meaning that many guys wouldn’t even try something like this, labelling her as a “good girl.” Oh how wrong you can be…

“I was sitting down in Itsu restaurant (but on the outside chairs) in the evening. Got my sushi and my vegetable smoothie and went to sit outside and I notice a cute slim woman, long black hair, burgundy American style dress with white stripes running down the side, Reebok high top trainers to match. She gave me the eye a couple of times but she was with 5 kids so I didn’t feel too confident about approaching. It hadn’t been the best day either, a few bad rejections, was feeling sluggish and didn’t feel like I had the momentum I would need to go in full power. I assumed she was an au pair or something like that. I took my seat outside and my wing came and joined me a couple minutes later after doing his own approach down the street.

“How’d that go?” I asked. He just gave me a thumbs down and we laughed.

“That woman’s eyeing me up bro” I said. He glanced over at her.

“Go chat to her…..”

“Bro, that’s awkward, she’s with all of those kids.”

She was sitting with the kids but not on the exact same table, just directly next to them. I caught her eye again.

“ Bro, stop being a bitch and go approach her,” he ordered me.

“Fuck it.”

I stood up and just hovered, hesitating to go inside for a couple seconds. My wing started counting down from 5. “Go tell her you saw her checking you out”. I laughed. Took a deep breath grew a pair of balls and went in.

Gave her the usual lines that she looked nice and she had caught my eye, her style stood out to me a bit. I asked her if the kids were hers and she laughed. We got talking and turned out she was from Lviv, Ukraine an English teacher and the children were her students. They were 12 – 14. They were looking over me a bit which made me feel awkward but they were probably just secretly thinking how much of a boss I was. Carried on talking and turned out she was leaving the next morning at 7.30 am and was married.

“Just my luck.” I thought to myself. But you should never rule anything out, well that’s what they say. Always push it to the end.

“So have you had a London adventure then?”

I asked

“ No I haven’t had time” she responded.

“Do you want one tonight before you have to head back?”

“That sounds good. We’ve got the London Eye booked for 9.30pm but we can meet quickly after.” It was about 7.45pm at the time.

I grabbed her number quick, (it was Ukrainian but she had WhatsApp). She was staying in a hostel in Soho which made it much more convenient for the logistics in terms of where I could take her, I already knew the Hippodrome Casino would be the place if somehow this pulled through. I went back outside and sat with my wing. A couple minutes later she came back out with the kids to leave.

“My batteries low but when I get back to the hostel I’ll charge it,” she said to me.

“OK, I’ll message you later,” I told her.

She walked off with the kids.

“ Bro, you’re gonna bang that tonight,” my wing said. I laughed. I had a feeling but I didn’t want to jinx myself. Daygamers know how many hurdles you have to jump over, especially in a case like this.

My wing and I hit a few more sets for the next couple of hours. It got to 11pm and the initiation text I had sent her still only had one tick. I went for the call and it went to answer machine. My wing and I decided to call it quits for the night and I jumped on my moped to drive home. I had this feeling I was going to hear from her just as I got home. About 2 minutes away from mine and I get a response from her.

After a couple quick messages back and forth I arranged to meet her outside her hostel in 45 minutes, by now it was about 11.30pm, she said she had to make sure all the kids were in bed. So off back I went, hoping for the best but prepared for the worst. I drove back up to Soho, parked up around from her hostel and messaged her that I was outside. The message went through but she wasn’t responding.

I gave her a WhatsApp call and she hung it up, then messaged straight after saying she was coming out. A minute later there she was, looking all cute in the same outfit and I thought this was an occasion to push it hard and go all out. It was half past midnight, she was leaving in 7 hours back to Ukraine so no time to waste.

We got to the Hippodrome (after having to go back to her hostel because she didn’t think she would need ID) and after a quick tour of the smoking area and ground floor we went up to the first floor with a couple of drinks. We were talking and I spiked it up a bit, telling her she looked like she worked out because she had a nice ass. I don’t know why but I felt like it was slipping out of my grasp a bit because I wasn’t making a move and it was getting later and later, but even though I didn’t know at the time it didn’t matter. I was just about to go in for the kiss when a waitress came over and said they were shutting off this section so we had to move. I felt like lobbing my beer at her head.

We walked out and I told her we were going to the basement. We stepped in the lift and I just pulled her in for the make out, not crazy heavy but nice and intense. We got down to the basement and I smacked her ass as the lift doors opened and she laughed.

“You were waiting to do that for a while weren’t you?” she asked.

I grinned. “Of course.”

We grabbed another couple of drinks, sat down and carried on talking. She was fun to talk to – sometimes I get super bored on dates pretending to care about what the girls saying but we actually shared quite a few common interests. While we were talking I asked her where the longest she had had her hair was.

“This is it….” she said. I pulled it and she said she liked it and that’s why she was growing it, for someone to pull it. Now I was so down for the bang it was unreal, and I knew she wanted it too. We kissed another few times throughout the next half an hour or so and she went off to the toilet.

Earlier I’d messaged my wing I was meeting her and I just had time to read his response now.

“Bro, do whatever it takes!”  it said. I was thinking hard about logistics. She had her own room in her hostel but it looked like the sort of place that wouldn’t allow visitors and that would really of fucked me off. I couldn’t risk it.

She came back and I told her I needed a piss too. I went for a piss and then went up a couple floors. On one floor there’s two disabled toilets that are isolated from anything else on their own floor, it’s like they’re made for daygamers to take girls to when there’s bad logistics. I’ve gone a couple times before and sometimes they’re locked, sometimes not. I stepped out the door, went to the one on my right, grabbed the handle, took a breath, turned the handle and the door opened. I punched the air with delight. This was the last bit of the puzzle and I knew it.

I went back downstairs to her and finished my drink. A couple of minutes later I said I wanted some fresh air and she agreed, so I took her hand acting like we were taking the lift up to the smoking area. I pressed the button for the floor and stepped in and it went up. When the doors opened I just stepped out with her, looked at her and went in for the deep make out, grabbing her ass hard. I then opened the door to the toilet and she looked at me and smiled. We got in and it was on hard. I pulled her dress right over her head, she had black hot pants on and I slapped her ass so hard she gave a little yelp. We then got straight down to it and were in there for over an hour. It was awesome and dirty.

The way the toilet was only made it good for fucking her from behind, just how I liked it. She had quite small breasts but they were nice and perky with really nice nipples and they were great to grab from behind. I could see her face in the mirror and she kept making these sexy faces at me as I put my fingers in her mouth. We had to keep stopping and starting as we could hear people coming out the lift which made it even hotter and intense and I had to cover her mouth to stop her from screaming a couple times, she fucked like a porn star. After we were finished we went out and up to the smoking area for some water and fresh air. We were both content.

“Have you done something like that before?” I asked.

“No, but I loved it” she smiled. After ten minutes of fresh air and rehydrating ourselves I walked her back to her hostel. We kissed goodbye and I told her to have a nice flight and that was it. Off she went into the hostel and back to my bike I went, feeling very smug with myself. That’s why you always try and push no matter how unlikely you might think it is.

Mr O”

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