Behind The Curtain: Secret Society Lay Report

Behind The Curtain: Secret Society Lay Report


A British daygamer called Mr D who I taught on a bootcamp last summer sent me this naughty lay report from his time in Barcelona:

“I stopped a Canadian girl who was in the city, alone, for a few days, before going to another Spanish city. She was cute, alternative and had a great body. She was heading to her hostel for the complimentary sangria so we swapped numbers and arranged to meet later.

I sent her a message an hour later and she told me to join her as she was having a few drinks with people she had met at the hostel. My initial reaction was ‘fuck this,’ not really being in the mood for large scale┬ásocialising.

I did eventually decide to go and at least try to have some fun and meet new people. I arrived at the venue and grabbed a drink, spoke to her for a bit and then started speaking to some of the guys who were there. My value rose when I beat her at pool a few times, and I flirted with some of the other girls there too.

The night progressed and the plan was to all head to the club, but as the group left we stayed to finish our drinks and then we couldn’t really find the club. I did the decent thing and offered to take her back to my apartment for pasta, for which she agreed. Up to this point I was unsure about her attraction to me – I am normally pretty good at detecting attraction but this girl had a great poker face.

As I sat there next to her on the sofa I knew I had to make the move so I went in for the kiss and there was no resistance. Clothes came off and we ended up fucking.

The apartment where I live is an AirBnB apartment in which all 4 rooms are rented to tourists. There are usually 10 to 12 guests in the apartment at any one time. I sleep behind a curtain in what was a living room, but two of the rooms are directly next to this curtain so sleeping with a girl behind just a curtain is very exciting.

That evening wasn’t a problem as everyone was asleep. In the morning we woke up with horniness in the air, the problem was that the apartment was bristling with life, people walking past the curtain constantly. We could hear the conversations going on in the other living room which is just feet away. This didn’t stop us though – we fucked again with people walking past every few minutes, with the bed squeaking and her moaning. One dude even poked his head in to have a cheeky look. He gave me the nod of approval as she was riding on top of me with her back to him.

My notion that girls may be hesitant to have sex in a place with so little privacy has been smashed, quite literally, many times now, and I am sure that they all love the extra adrenaline that comes with the idea of being caught.

Mr D”

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