Mystery – Beckster – Torero PUA Podcast


This week’s Tom Torero Podcast comes from Mother Russia where Mystery, Beckster and myself have been teaching bootcamps and bringing fine young ladies together into a whirlwind-like Funnel Of Love.

The podcast covers:
* the Seven Hour rule from meet to sex
* Beckster’s micro-comfort and the art of the roll off
* getting your logistics sorted
* the Five Levels Of Game
* merging sets using compliance and qualification
* a Beckster routine for kiss closing
* why outer game action beats inner game procrastination
* Instagram as a new tool to time bridge

Mystery, Beckster, Tom Torero In Podcast

3 thoughts on “Mystery – Beckster – Torero PUA Podcast”

  1. Dear Tom: thanks for bringing legends together!

    BUT… Concepts like “5 levels of game” is very related to night game. A good day gamer should be able to DHV and get the women without any other help.. I don’t see the point of doing calling it an higher form of game. Why make it more complicated with merging, bringing in others etc.. What I think would be great if you interview Mystery alone about the Mystery Method and how he developed it. He’s an pioneer in fundamentals, so that good lead to good insights in not just learning game but DEVELOPING game! Don’t miss that chance Tom boy to interview the Leonardo Davinci in pickup about the development and history and blood, sweat and tears. You’re clever, I would love to hear a historic podcast where you ask Mystery all the questions you would love him to answer about the model and the development of it.

    Love and Cheers

    1. I disagree, the 5 level stuff should encourage daygamers to not just do 1 sets but try 2 and 3 sets, gutter game, group dates etc. It’s a shame more daygamers don’t get out of their comfort zones. To learn social dynamics you have to understand everything. I loved the podcast Tom!

      Cheers, Nick

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